True Blood Review: Sam I Am

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Just when you think you know someone...

A war is coming to True Blood and this was the week of choosing sides. "Somebody That I Used to Know" delivered on multiple fronts with riveting developments in several story lines. 

Stackhouse Search Party

I'm going to start with Lafayette because I feel like I haven't given the poor guy his due lately. He has been through so much, what with losing the love of his life and having his mouth sewn shut... and then people still go knocking on his door to do that voodoo that he reluctantly does so well.

His line about being out of the help business to Arlene and Holly was easily one of my favorite True Blood quotes of the week and the scene where Jesus appeared in the car seat next to him tugged at my heart strings. Are you real? Does it really matter? Hookah no, I was just pleased to see him get a moment of happiness before he had to start swallowing spirits again. I sure as hell hope he got to take that small chronic break too. 

We've seen all kinds of relationships on this show, but Sam leaning in to kiss, well, himself was a first. I'm glad a smooch on the forehead was all it took to shift Luna back. How amazing, however, was that whole scene when she walked out her hospital room looking like Sam, sassed Officer Doofy and stole some guy's Free Moustache Rides sweatshirt?

When Sam, Luna and Andy showed up to find Jessica alone in the hate group's home, am I right that they weren't alerted to the place's whereabouts by Hoyt? I think Sam got the location from the guy in custody after he went Cobra Commander on him. The woman Luna smelled in the house where Jess was held had to be the large lady friend of former Sheriff Bud who last week let him know the hot tub was just the way he likes it. This would confirm the theory that the former peace officer is behind the hate mongerers.

While Hoyt did the right thing in the end, I don't think anyone was really worried about him shooting Jessica. I liked her admission to him about how she prayed her love would come back, but it just didn't. Was it mere coincidence that Jason also made a reference to love when he was listing the reasons why Sookie shouldn't give up her powers?

Simple Stackhouse has really been dishing the wisdom lately. All the reason he gave his sister were valid, although having to listen to someone thinking about sucking your toes would get annoying after awhile. 

Pam and Tara

I had hoped this week would lend some more clarity as to who the vampire on the bridge was. The abnormal fact that Sookie could connect with him had me thinking it had to be Eric or Bill since she has tasted their blood, but then we heard the name "Warlo" from Claudine. Could that be some old handle Bill or Eric used to go by or was it short for warlock and we are looking at an entirely new badass vampire on the block? 

Elsewhere, Tara and Pam's relationship continues to get better and better with each scene to which we are treated. Loved Pam's line about her angry and happy face being one in the same.

I didn't have any delusions about Alcide beating J.D. but I had hoped for a little better fight. Shouldn't they have fought as wolves? The love scene between handsome Herveaux and Rikki, though, was all that and then some. I'll wager that hard drives all over the world are working overtime tonight as gif-image after gif-image of that righteous romp are being created. 

I still am on the fence as to if Bill has fully swallowed the Authority's kool-aid or still has some angle he is working. I felt for Eric as he had to ultimately take Nora insulting their Maker like she did. The MVP of the night, though, had to go to Russell who just continues each week to drop memorable line after memorable line.

He didn't seem all that wrapped up in the global purge of the coexistence movement did he? He served his purpose, got what he wanted and tonight seemed more concerned with making Steve his new Talbot.

I started off this week mentioning the idea of choosing sides. When it comes to us the fans, I'm still surprised by those of you who are finding this season to be a disappointment. It is your right of course, but I want to hear why from those of you whose thirst for blood has gone unquenched and of course I hope to hear from those of you who - like myself - thought this was yet another great Sunday night of crazy television.


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I don't recall Alan or anyone from the show overhyping Christopher Meloni's stint, if anything the one character heavily promoted was Russell. Roman only got that promo and one interview. Most of promotion came from the media and fans as this was post Law&Order gig but the show itself never overhype the character. The has been quite clear Russell the character to watch. This is not like when Julie Plec overhype Sebastian Roche's character of Mikael on TVD, at least Roman served a purpose before his death and I still don't think we seen the last of him. And to answer the question think most of the people who have issues with this season are those who wish it focus on Sookie and romances. For me the reason why season 4 was not that good (I actually enjoy the witches' plot, they were justify in their anger and need for vengence) was because there was too much concentration on that stuff (looking back on it Sooric barely interacted with other characters all season until the end, and it was more about the love triangle and that plot was lame). I personally like having alot of stories as these ones actually look like they are going to tie together unlike last season. I got to say this season is actually not predictable.


I am one of the ones who continues to be disappointed in this season. I think Hera hit the nail on the head with his/her comments. They made a HUGE deal about Christopher Meloni joining the cast yet he ends up killed off......... There are ENTIRELY TOO MANY ARCS!!!!! It's getting confusing. Bill about to go rogue?!?! Eric second guessing everything?!!?! Sookie might as well be non existent this season.........Jessica, Lafayette, Sam, Luna, Jason, Terry TOO MANY CHARACTERS........I liked it better when one central evil was the focus........I think that's the way it should be since there's so few episodes.........I will keep watching though.........

C f ohara

@Richard3 I do believe you are onto something. I was thinking about Bill's angle this morning and was so pumped to read your comment because I came to the same conclusion over my morning coffee. Nice on you for realizing it so fast like you did. Salome's dig that Bill should have made his children vampire if he loved them so much says it all. Bill let his daughter die BECAUSE he loved her so much. It also harkens back to his fake glamour speech to Sookie. With Tru-Blood gone the governments around the world would be forced to take action and wipe out the curse that in Bill's mind is vampire if they start feeding exclusively again on humans. Could they all become like the Cullens in Twilight and just hunt deer and wild game?


BTW I love Hoyt reply to Jessica after her "thanks" because it was totally appropriate and has been what I wanted Hoyt to say since Jessica been so callous when it came to his feelings. She had no remorse over what she did.


Call me crazy, but this is the first season that I connect with Tara and Sam. I'm really liking the new story lines for those two! To be honest, Im really liking all of them. For me the season start a little slow, but now it's on his best, once again. NOW, one thought: could be other creature, maybe a half something, that killed Stackhouse parents?


Has anyone else noticed how the Sherrif's guns are getting bigger each show?


Loving this season....One of the best of True Blood....Hoping for some awesomeness from Eric next episode!


I am LOVING this season. I am actually surprised by plot developments. I have no idea what is coming, and I love it. It has been a couple seasons since I was so interested in every story and genuinely surprised by what happens. Sure I don't have some of my favourite relationships to fall back on. I miss my Eric/Sookie interactions, but their individual stories are so fascinating that it makes up for it. I am also happy Sookie is not the central driving force of the season, and I think she is a better character for it.


Not sure if 'boring' is an apt description for me. Don't get me wrong - i love the show. But so far this season, there are extreme changes. It's not like in the past - where we had Maryanne or some other single evil character to carry us through the season. This season, there's so much going on that I think it's hard to dissect each individual plot or twist - ie: factions, vamp vs human war, the hate group, Sookie & Jason's struggle to avenge their parents' death, the Ifrit, Tara etc etc.
Once I get my head wrapped around all of these plots and subplots i should be Here's to hoping that they get a few of these resolved soon so I can clear the clutter from my head.


Unfortunately, the show is still boring me. There are thankfully some very interesting little bits that have popped up now (Lilith's appearance, the Sookie mystery, and the apparent plan to bomb the Tru Blood factories) - but that's still just about 11 minutes out of the last few shows. Most everything else - the werewolf pack's V drama, Terry's smoke monster, the shifter haters, Jessica's weekly clubing/feeding/finding-herself ways, and Lafayette's mediumship feel like filler. There are too many little strings making a tangled web of this season and obscuring the few small things that are fascinating. I'm with others who say S5 is giving way too much screen time away to undeserving characters/plots. At the end of the day I'll still keep watching to find out what's going on with Sookie and her powers & past, with a little interest reserved for the Authority's doomsday goals and maybe even the Tara/Pam relationship, but I most definitely won't be buying this season or rewatching it. I really hope the show is able to pick itself up and bring it back full-throttle next season, assuming there is one.

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Sookie: Jason are you ok?
Jason: I'm fine you got me in the head.

Bill: We were in the presence of God.
Eric: We were high as fuc-ing kites.