Weeds Review: One Step at a Time

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Nancy passed the stair test on this episode of Weeds.

But what grade will she earn on the life challenge she laid out for herself and her family on "A Beam of Sunshine?"

Nancy in the Hospital

There was marked improvement tonight, as the Weeds Season 8 premiere did very little except to establish that Nancy had been shot and lay in a hospital bed coma. The culprit was also identified as... ummmm... ah, right: Peter Scottson's son, Tim, someone so random the show had to actually flash back many times just to remind viewers who this guy was.

Not exactly a sterling start to the final season.

But we saw glimmers of hope here. Nancy is finally realizing all the awful ways in which she's behaved and all the people she's hurt along the way, clearing the path for the question of whether or not Nancy Botwin can be redeemed.

It seems unlikely, but reaching that final step probably seemed unlikely for this potentially reformed dealer 77 days ago.

Still, she'll have to convince Silas to give up making a major profit via his most business-savvy skill in order to truly turn things around for her children and reach her desired destination: After Botwin.

(Note: The scene with Silas whipping his partner was an example of Weeds just trying too hard to be different and edgy. It came across as random and desperate.)

Overall, I'm on board with Nancy's new mission and even with Shane's burgeoning career as both a police officer and a love interest for his fellow trainee. They shared a cute scene together.

But I can't say anything close to the same about Andy and Jill. I just don't care, about their relationship, her husband, her children, their unusual living arrangement... any of it. Is this meant to depict a mature side of Andy? I don't see him as someone who actually cares about Jill still, just as someone who doesn't want to be left behind.

Oh, and Doug is now investing in scarves that can be worn in six different ways by bikini-clad marijuana saleswomen? Okay then.

What did everyone else think? Are there smiles in the future of the Botwins? Or is this family destined for the doldrums?


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When did Silas get into bondage? And when did Nancy's sister become an interesting character? And WTF Shane? Do something about those gorilla legs. I, honestly, really want to love this show, and I still do for some reasons. Those reasons are just fewer and further between nowadays. Everyone (sadly, even Andy) has become caricatures of their former selves. At least they brought Little Boxes back.


I think Silas would fit to a tee with Christian grey


Did anyone else feel like hunter was using this ashis audition for Christian grey


Hopefully, with Weeds going back to its roots to the suburb, they can go back to the comedy as well. I've loved Weeds since day one, when it was a satire on suburban life, but the past couple seasons have been nothing but drama. The last time I laughed out loud at Weeds was when Heylia came back, which only reminded me how poorly the shows been going without Heylia to be the voice of reason that contrasts Nancy's decisions. I think it's because it's on Showtime. I mean, it's the same thing with United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie. All three of them are Showtime shows that started out really funny with a good amount of drama, and then chose to have really depressing scenes over humor. Right now, Weeds is a comedy just as much as Smash is a drama. Oh well, here's to hoping Weeds can bring it back for it's last season!


Andy is just trying to get past Nancy, Silas and the whipping thing was stupid, he's never shown any interest in that kind of thing before and all the sudden hes into BDSM? (guess the writers read 50 shades of grey)...im excited to see what Shane does this season, and Jill just needs to go, shes just as bad as nancy used to be as far as attitude and lack of care about anyone else, she just doesnt sell weed...


nancy and andy need to end up together


While I missed the show terribly and was really looking forward to diving back in with Nancy and the fam and all of the antics, the "Nancy gone good" had better get bad here. I loved the Clown scene, loved Shane's scene, Silas is cuter than ever, but quiting will certainly not be on his agenda. There is too much more that could happen which will keep me watching and waiting to see the outcome, but so far... eh... T'was alright... I miss the antics already.


I still love this show but im feeling let down so far I know its only 2 episodes in but I've hardly laughed which is so not the way I like watching Weeds:(
Here's hoping it picks up in the laughs in episodes to come. I can't wait to see what Shane has planned for the shooter next week keeping my fingers crossed this season picks up entertainment wise :)

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