White Collar Review: Standard Deviation

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Peter and Mozzie made a mad dash to find Neal after his failure to appear at the rendezvous point on White Collar last week. When Neal, Peter and Mozzie joined back up, they gunned to take down one of the FBI's "Most Wanted."

Can Neal Get Home?

Loved the twist where Dobbs became a rogue criminal named Robert McLeash, or that his case was standard study material at Quantico!

His take down was perhaps one of the better orchestrated ones we've seen on the show, even though some of the premises for it going off without a hitch were questionable, mainly the part that included the well-leaked rumors. I don't think the rumor mill has ever worked quite that efficiently.

Then again, Peter, Neal, Mozzie, Hector and Mya went all out to get Neal back where he belonged.

Lucky Peter remembered what he learned at the academy, that pneumonic device was an ace in the hole, and, despite my reservations about whether or not it should be a worthy catch to trade with Neal's freedom, the trade for Neal's desk was genius and a win-win.

The way they did it was even more clever, embedding a clause where Collins, who was dead-set on hunting him down, actually contracted him as an asset. Nice flip on the paperwork, Peter. If only it wasn't proof of what you are capable of, proving that you can and do alter the story to fit the situation!  Oops....?

Props to Mozzie for getting out of Peter his motive behind the daring rescue. I think it's about time Peter got real with Neal about what they mean to each other. I know, too much bromance, but it's what I love about these two. So much under the surface that always comes out in subtle and short ways. I'm always on board for that.

But let's talk about the fun stuff, all making the epic highlights list from this episode!:

  • Kevin the bartender. Peter looking that good mixing delicious beverages should have been illegal.
  • Mya and Neal orchestrating the plot to get her half-a-mil in the process.
  • Hector blocking the road with a spilled produce cart.
  • Neal getting payback on Dobbs by exposing his true identity.

Let's raise our glasses to another epic episode of White Collar.

So, while you're sipping that drink, where do you think Peter has been reassigned?


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You said it was a "pneumonic" device. That word is incorrect and refers to the lungs. As in pneumonic plague. LOL It's called a mnemonic device. If you don't know what a word means it's safer to look it up and that way you find out the meaning and the correct spelling. Not trying to be rude, just providing the feedback you should have received from your high school and college instructors.


I"m sure that peter will be back where he's belong at the end of the next episode.


Loved the first 2 episodes of Season 4! It was a nice change of pace to have the guys out of New York for a bit. And seeing Neal, Peter, and Mozzie working together on that intricate con was an example of what this show does best. Of course, I'm glad that Neal and Peter are home again - and I have no doubt that Peter will soon be "home" again in the White Collar division as well. And Mozzie will be back before too long - he and Neal have too much history.


I was really hoping for some change in this show, neal being off his anklet would have been interesting. Now we'll probably have to sit through a few episodes of them trying to get peters job back or something, then everything will end up 100% the same as it was before last season.


That was quick and contrived but at least Peter is re-assigned.


Loved the episode. I'm intrigued over Peter being reassigned. It came with price and I appreciate the reality of actions having consequences. Small part of me wanted to see Neal s reunion with Mrs.Suit and June. He somehow managed to form s family of his own and those two women are always in his corner. It just would have Bern kind of sweet to me. Love little Hector.


@LoriL, I thought the exact same thing about Collins. he gets all the credit while he had no merit in Mcleash's capture. It's unfair to Peter.


Loved the episode. The twists and turns and Neal's scruffy looks. Especially loved how they got the reward money for Mya.


Is Mozzie leaving the show?


I realize that the Bureau thinks that Collins should get all the credit for Neal's return instead of Peter, shouldn't he at least get in trouble for shooting Neal, an unarmed man? Is Mozzie really not returning? I will miss him!

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