ABC Family Renews Switched at Birth, Orders More Bunheads, Cancels Jane By Design

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ABC Family just made its members very happy.

The cable network announced today that it has renewed Switched at Birth for a second season. The series returns on September 3 with new episodes that will wrap up its first season run.

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Bunheads Premiere Pic

Moreover, additional episodes of Bunheads have also been ordered, as this Amy Sherman-Palladino-created ballet drama concludes on Monday... but will now return with the back half of its first season some time this winter.

Baby Daddy and Melissa & Joey will also come back in the spring 2013.

“Two years ago we embarked on a bold strategy to grow the breadth and scope of original programming and create a Wednesday night summer comedy destination,” said Michael Riley, president of ABC Family. “The new series have resonated with our viewers, and the combination of drama, comedy and reality brings great depth to our lineup. Our stable of strong series continues to grow, and I’m thrilled with the strength of our schedule.”

The aforementioned shows combine with Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game to an impressive, relatively new slate of programming across the network.

UPDATE: Jane By Design has been canceled.

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I'm very sad because they cancelled Jane by design!!! When I read it I thought it wasn't possible: Jane by Design couldn't be cancelled because it is the only film remained healthy!!!! I love it..


I find it unfair that Jane by design got cancelled without any notice. It ended on a cliffhanger. At least another episode so there is a resolution. The just reached the climax.


I'm so bummed it Jane got canceled. It so good!


I had NO idea they cancelled Jane By Design...I am disappointed, I thought it was very delivering and fan worthy! I don't watch many weekly shows (Jane and Pretty lil Liars) ,but this was one I looked forward to watching.


ABC Family needs to be educated in programming. Are they cancelling shows because of lack of viewers? Because when you make someone wait until the end of summer for a spring return, kinda has people move on to different networks.
As for Jane, I can not believe they cancelled this show. I loved it and I am sure many more did too. but how many episodes did they air this time around? 6 maybe? why would anyone invest their time. And the time lapse between "seasons" was too long.
I liked that they had summer shows. Those I think are gone or are they still here? Beverly Hills Nanny needs to go. Secret life needs to go, boring...Then there is that show with the twins. I know one is Summer and the other I can't remember because it has been too long. And I loved watching MIOBI, even though I don't care for gymnastics.
This may be one viewer that may be saying by to the so called family channel.


I'm really glad Switched at Birth was's better than the typical ABC Family show. The Lying Game is also a decent show, but I don't see it lasting for more than 2 seasons total. I feel bad about Jane by Design, but the show would have been so much better with a less annoying lead actress. Bunheads does nothing for me (and I used to be a Gilmore Girls fan) and I still can't figure out who watches Melissa and Joey.


I was soo surprised to hear that they canceled Jane! I thought it was doing better. Just because some people didn't like it doesn't mean that ALL people don't like it! Thts suck a bummer! ABC needs to watch the shows before they cancel them!:()


I think they should move the secret circle over here!!!!!!!
Please think about it abc family!!!!


I love Jane By Design :(


I really extremely hate abc family now... They cancel all of the shows I love and keep the crappy ones that I hate. 10 things I hate about you, nine lives of Chloe king, and now Jane by design. All great shows that were cut off at terrible cliff hangers with no season 2.