Army Wives Review: Being An Army Wife Is Hard

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Last week I gave Army Wives the worst review I've ever doled out.

And the readers of this column are so astute. I was so busy being angry that it never even dawned on me how ridiculous it was to hold back Denise from the shooting, given that she was a trained nurse. It's always great to have you all here to back up the less than favorable opinions of a show just as much as you do the complimentary.

Needless to say, I was skeptical going into "The War at Home." 

Roland's Family Time

A Centennial celebration on a military base was infiltrated, a general was the target and another officer jumped into the line of fire - and the story was rushed into practically nothing. So my question is this: Why did they bother? If there wasn't going to be some bigger purpose to the whole thing, couldn't they have done the impossible and used the 100th episode to honor the service men and women? 

When Claudia Joy called, Michael thought so little of the event that he told her she should just continue her trip with the first lady. The rest of the gang had a cookout. Everyone just hanging out like it's all good times. Really?

Any other time, I might have enjoyed the cutesy music video montage of Trevor learning to be a baby daddy filmed in hyper speed to Devo's "Working In A Coal Mine." However, in light of every other topic on the show and the heft of the issues (the shooting, divorce and suspected child abuse), it felt forced and out of place.

The other thing I've noticed is the continued digging into the wound of the Army in general. Joan mentioning that continued deployment makes every problem more difficult. The strange looks Michael was giving to Frank even though the cat had his tongue. A first marriage is more challenging when you're young and in the Army. It's so much more stressful to raise a child when your husband is in the Army, that wives take to breaking their kids bones. Overall, it was insulting.

Elsewhere, Gloria decided to leave Charleston in the wake of her divorce with Hector, which means we're losing the best character introduced this season. She was just leaving as Jackie found out Kevin was injured in a humvee accident in Afghanistan. These things took place with, as the commercials continue to say, we have only "three episodes left until it's all over." 

My thoughts are that the show extended the sixth season to 22 episodes knowing fully well it wouldn't have a seventh, but would also hit the magical 100th episode mark for syndication purposes. At this point, the series can afford to let plot fall by the wayside because the prize has already been won. Guaranteed syndication.

But I long for the magic that once was Army Wives


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I simply love Army Wives, my favorite TV show. I surely hope it comes back on


"plays her to perfection" ...sorry, typing too fast on my iPhone.


The one character that NEVER disappoints me is Joan...that woman kicks butt but retains her humanity showing u can be a leader, intelligent & still be a woman. U don't have to be like a man to be successful in this world! Wendy Davis ays her to perfection!!! What a strong & powerful character.


I don't think it will be difficult for them to wrap it up. Frank was shot, lost his spleen & back at work in two episodes. With their timeline I imagine Denise will be a surgeon in two more episodes. The only person not aging is Frank & Denise's daughter...with the six month bump in time, she should be around 19-20 months... She looks about 9-10 months. The show has gotten so odd... It used to be about the characters, now it's about writers who are losing these characters in these crappy plots. I could write better.


please don't cancel the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


True that the show has been all over the place lately but it is still a good show compared to a lot of them, especially all the reality shows. I am hoping it will be back for another season.


Sadly, this once great show has become nothing more than a soap opera. It is as if the writers are saying "what else can we do to them". The writing is lazy and lackluster which makes the actors look bad. As so many others have said, I am still watching it because I did love it when it was good and can't seem to just let it go.


I did have a hard time watching last nights episode it seemed like it was all over the place....but I'm not sure it's all over yet...someone twitted to Catherine Bell about Army Wives ending and she responded who until I hear from lifetime I'm holding out hope it will go back to the way it was....and you know how they like to tease us and stay stuff to keep us wondering we will just have to wait and see...


It just diesn't feel like Army Wives anymore. Lacks the strong bonds between the characters, feels as if they are all acting and not "being" the characters we loved. Possibly due to the fairly bland and sometimes awful plots and writing. I spend a lot of time skimming thru the show on my dvr. I hope the last few episodes are much better and this previously wonderful show gets the send-off it deserves


It's hard for me to believe that Lifetime would end this show and keep a mess like "Dance Moms". If Army Wives doesn't come back, there's no reason for me to watch this channel anymore.

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