Army Wives Review: Being An Army Wife Is Hard

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Last week I gave Army Wives the worst review I've ever doled out.

And the readers of this column are so astute. I was so busy being angry that it never even dawned on me how ridiculous it was to hold back Denise from the shooting, given that she was a trained nurse. It's always great to have you all here to back up the less than favorable opinions of a show just as much as you do the complimentary.

Needless to say, I was skeptical going into "The War at Home." 

Roland's Family Time

A Centennial celebration on a military base was infiltrated, a general was the target and another officer jumped into the line of fire - and the story was rushed into practically nothing. So my question is this: Why did they bother? If there wasn't going to be some bigger purpose to the whole thing, couldn't they have done the impossible and used the 100th episode to honor the service men and women? 

When Claudia Joy called, Michael thought so little of the event that he told her she should just continue her trip with the first lady. The rest of the gang had a cookout. Everyone just hanging out like it's all good times. Really?

Any other time, I might have enjoyed the cutesy music video montage of Trevor learning to be a baby daddy filmed in hyper speed to Devo's "Working In A Coal Mine." However, in light of every other topic on the show and the heft of the issues (the shooting, divorce and suspected child abuse), it felt forced and out of place.

The other thing I've noticed is the continued digging into the wound of the Army in general. Joan mentioning that continued deployment makes every problem more difficult. The strange looks Michael was giving to Frank even though the cat had his tongue. A first marriage is more challenging when you're young and in the Army. It's so much more stressful to raise a child when your husband is in the Army, that wives take to breaking their kids bones. Overall, it was insulting.

Elsewhere, Gloria decided to leave Charleston in the wake of her divorce with Hector, which means we're losing the best character introduced this season. She was just leaving as Jackie found out Kevin was injured in a humvee accident in Afghanistan. These things took place with, as the commercials continue to say, we have only "three episodes left until it's all over." 

My thoughts are that the show extended the sixth season to 22 episodes knowing fully well it wouldn't have a seventh, but would also hit the magical 100th episode mark for syndication purposes. At this point, the series can afford to let plot fall by the wayside because the prize has already been won. Guaranteed syndication.

But I long for the magic that once was Army Wives


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I am not feeling all of the negativity about this season or the show. I like the drama and the entire cast. I hope the show comes back for a seventh season. A seventh season will give the show completion. Pleeeez do not force us to watch these ridiculous Reality Shows!


I enjoy Army Wives so much. I lived in Charleston for 35 years as a retail manager's wife.....I can share some experiences of the lonely wife at home. I love Charleston and every thing about it. Being forced to move to Charleston because of my husband's job, nearly killed me. I want so bad to go "Home" to Charleston. Visiting it is not enough. Army Wives brings it back to me every week, PLEASE DON'T CANCEL IT!!


I agree that it sure seems like they are dumping the show now that they've hit 100 episodes.. I did see that Catherine Bell signed a new contract with ABC that makes the show but that could be for another gig... And you kinda wonder if Kim Delaney will make it back to wrap it up.. I frankly see it over since all the stars would need new contracts and would demand raises.. Plus, what else can happen and be interesting?? They've pretty much covered all the major stuff on an Army Base... deployment issues, death, divorce, financial hardships, etc.. It's too bad for Charleston frankly since I'm sure having the show shooting there was good for the economy..


theres two episodes left, if this is episode 20 and this season has 22 then theres 2 episodes left, and I hope this isnt the final season, even with how much I hate this season they must give us one more final season, season 7 should be the last and they can give us 13 or 12 episodes if they like but they can not end this series with this trian wreck of a season. Plus I am still hoping Pamela and chase can move back for next season, they are not doing anything in real life, pan am got cancel and the other show didnt get picked up.


Perhaps someone from NBC Olympics is now also writing the show? I loved it for a long time and now it is a shell of it's former self. It is disappointing to take a cast with such range and depth and a show with such promise and turn it into whatever this one has become.


I agree with Kay season 5 was their best


anybody else catch the shot with the three babies-trevor and roxy were each holding one and there was a third in the bassinet. I used to really like army wives, and I still tune in hoping it will return to the quality it once used to be. The back half of this season has been filled with so many screw ball plot twists that I just roll my eyes the next time the once in a lifetime tragedy happens, again. Some of the plots have been ones that I think if given more then five minutes of screen time would be good. Like if a few episodes back we had met Davids girlfriend and were actually invested in the character beyond it being a young girl abused. Or we could have seen more fall-out with Frank's character with the children that were killed. Or perhaps Jackie could have recognized she needed to repair her relationship with her daughter so pulled her out of school to live on base and go to public school. The show has gone away from the daily lives of army wives, which is sad because that was the draw of the show.


The show is still one of the best shows on TV Knock off the negativity before we have to watch even more reality shows!!


They should have just ended the show after the 5th season - the last episode of that season was a great series finale. It was Army Wives at its BEST.

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