Ashley Tisdale on Sons of Anarchy: First Look!

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Yes, a former High School Musical star really will be riding with the men of SAMCRO this fall.

Ashley Tisdale will appear on two Sons of Anarchy Season 5 episodes as an escort who somehow gets involved with Jax. Just how involved? Charlie Hunnam wouldn't specifically say in our exclusive Comic-Con interview with the star, although he did have a funny story to tell regarding the actress.

Tisdale's exact role isn't made much clearer in the following photo, but this is still our first look at the her in a rather unexpected role:

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 First Look

Sons of Anarchy returns on September 11 and TV Line first published this photo.

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Okay, finally figured out the ending. Clay DOES have ANOTHER PLAY! He's staging a Coup with the NEW SOA Nomads! Remember, every seen that a writer/director puts into a script HAS meaning. You recall seeing a thug, with gym shoes, attacking Unser, at Clay's house? Well, you'll recall the Nomad inductee, seated on the sofa behind jumbo? (Filthy Phil) When he put his foot up on Phil's shoulder, and states, "it's nice to have a place to put up your feet!" Well, there's your mysterious, masked intruder, WITH the peg leg! You soon come to realize that Clay, IS making a PLAY for the gavel! Gemma's intuition is spot on! She's warning Jax, most strenuously, NOT to discount Clay. Jax and Clay, with his small army of loyalist Nomads, WILL challenge and war with Jax for control of the Club! We'll now watch and see this unfold in Episode 2!


By far, the most intense Episode, since Gemma's rape. Buckle up tight for this Season! Next Tuesday CAN'T come soon enough. What a series!!!


technically he didn't cheat he broke up with Tara before he hooked up with the porn star


Kurt Sutter is a tv god The Shield was an amazing show and Sons of Anarchy is even better so he must know something about actors and actress so trust him. Jax would cheat he has only cheated on Tara once in season 3 when he was is a bad state not knowing where able was and he blamed her for his kidknapping. Plus if u are a SoA fan u would have read or heard Kurt Sutter's plan for this season so back off and trust the man to make a nother great season.


Kurt Sutter is a tv god The Shield was an amazing show and Sons of Anarchy is even better so he must know something about actors and Afro

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