Brandon W. Jones to Appear on Pretty Little Liars Casts As...

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Another handsome face is on his way to Rosewood.

After meeting Ezra's brother on last night's episode of Pretty Little Liars, viewers can now prepare themselves for Andrew Campbell, a character fans of the book series on which this show is based know well.

Brandon W. Jones Pic

In the novel, Campbell is a high school senior who grows into a significant love interest for Spencer. He's also a prime suspect for A.

But before those theories fly - or before Spoby fans become too worried - E! News confirms that Brandon W. Jones is only booked for one episode as Andrew.

The actor, last seen on CSI, will appear on a 2013 installment of PLL titled "Mona-Mania!."

Jones has also guest-starred on episodes of Lie to Me, The Finder, Jane By Design and Switched at Birth.

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I think Brandon is what this show needs.a change is what this show needs.Jones seems to be s great addition to the show.


Spandrew would be really nice... I really hope he becomes a regular... I LOOOOVED Andrew Campbell from the books...


If this guy messes with Spoby I'm going Mona on him -.-


I don't mind Toby and I like his friendship with Emily but, for me, it's all about Spencer and Wren!


i feel the same way Jarrod..


I'm over Spencer and Toby. His character was never well-liked by me and I wish he'd move on.

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