Burn Notice Review: Shades Of Gray

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Going into the summer finale, viewers had the questions as Michael: Who is Tyler Gray? Is it Rebecca’s brother? Is it someone we’ve met? 

Surprisingly, we received part of that answer in the first five minutes of "Desperate Times," as Tom Card showed Michael a video of Tyler Gray breaking into a warehouse in Panama. While Card couldn’t send an official team down to Panama, he could allow Michael and the Scooby Gang to go (off the books) with Agent Brady Pressman - who led the operation that Nate died on - to capture Gray. 

Heading to Panama

Of course, things are never simple when it comes to Michael; he is up to his ears in regret. To start, he’s thinking about leaving the CIA, and who could blame him? He’s worked to get back in, but to what cost? Then there's Madeline. She blames him, blames herself, and blames the CIA. I feel for her. She has so much anger and can’t figure out how deal with it. 

Okay, she eventually finds an outlet in the form of blackmailing Card to learn about the events surrounding Nate’s death. Her conversation with Card about Nate and Michael - where Card gives her the analogy of bottles breaking differently - followed by the reassurance that everyone Michael has helped has her to thank was amazing. I had a full on man-crush on Card right at that moment.   

Regret aside, Michael and company managed to overcome a lot of obstacles to get their hands on Tyler Gray. Then the other shoe dropped: Gray was sent by Tom Card to kill Michael. To assure we had no doubts that Tyler’s intel was good, right after Card told him to stay put, the entire building was bombed by an F18.

I had said that we would shocked when we found out who killed Nate. I initially thought I was going to have to eat my words when Gray was shown and looked like a nobody. Then Matt Nix played his last card and trumped me with it being Card, who was behind some (if not all) of the events around Nate’s death.

WTF!? I haven't been this shocked in a reveal since I found out who shot J.R. Talk about one of the best cliff-hanger episodes EVER! Mr. Nix, I owe you a drink of your choice. Well done! 

What did you think of the summer finale? Did you like the twist and turns? Can you believe we need to now go months until a fresh Burn Notice episodes?!?


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Card is a great turn in the plotting, however he can not be the brains behind the scene.


I do not understand where some of you commentors want this series to go...you complain about another villian!?? So what!!! geez, it's a tv show...an awesome one at that!!! and if Michael and crew figured everything out then that would be the end and I'm not ready for Burn Notice to end!!!


Oh yeah - and Sommer - I'm with you! I really liked that scene also!!


Nisan - I think you have something there! i have a feeling Maddie put that time alone to good use. Can't imagine what yet but it will be good! I also think that Card was just part of Anson's syndicate. He told Michael they had people in all agencies around the world. Maybe he was part of the bigger picture of checks and balances. Anson became expendable when Michael and crew gained the upper hand. I'm hoping we see Management back. His part just can't be over. Vaughn and Simon were little pawns but Management was big. There are so many loose ends not tied up yet. Can't wait to find it all out!!


I know I'm being a total girl here but totally love the scene where Fiona takes cover in Mike's arm, while he detonated the roof!


Great Summer ending. I agree with the other commenters, Sharon Gless is ablsolutely fabulous. The analogy of the broken bottles was great, and it totally threw me off of Card being the one who wants Michael dead. I was shocked, and pleased that they fooled me. I love this show, I'm sorry that we have to wait until November to find out how Michael and the gang deal with this. I did not think of what Nisan thought of about Maddie, but I think Maddie figuring something out about Card would be great. I think this show is doing exactly what it should be doing, thats why I keep watching.


So will we ever find out more about Anson and Manmgent whatever did happen to that old guy and Simon


This is off the subject but can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Gabrielle's eyebrows? Is it just me or did she have them tattooed or something?


Great episode. Sharon Gless, just magnificent. Holy Crap what a good actress. I think she had Card's number. When she asked for a minute to be alone and he left her alone, she probrably did something. I don't know what, but pretty sure she did. The other stuff, great action, great dialogue and Jesse was hilarious as usual. Fiona is correct, they work better when it's just them, they can be trust each other. Love Burn Notice and Suits, back to back great shows. USA Rocks!!!!


if Card wanted to kill Michael, why not just poison some yogurt?

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