Chuck and Blair: In a Better Place on Gossip Girl

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When Gossip Girl Season 6 begins this fall, Chuck and Blair are in a better place.

What that means is subject to interpretation, but it's what we've got for now.

Better than nothing, right?

Chair Casino Pic

TV Line sleuth Michael Ausiello writes today that when we return, "Dan is spending some QT far, far away from the Big Apple with [Georgina]. Chuck and Blair, meanwhile, are in a, um, better place. Yeah, let’s go with that."

In the Season 5 finale, Blair said she's all in. Think things will have progressed in the ensuing months?

What do you make of the above teaser, and can anything stop a Chair endgame at this point?

Share your views in the comments below!

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I went to see it on the Sunday two days after it had opened. It was sold out and I ended up wahtcing John Carpenters Vampires. A laughably bad film from a ounce great director! I did get to see The Blair Witch Project a week later. I remember enjoying it at the time but haven’t actually seen it again. The fact I haven’t seen it a second time speaks volumes!


i cant wait for season two eihetr but it dosent come out till september 1st. Atleast in the states . I hope serena and Dan get back together!!!!!!References :


@ Zoran, true Chuck and Blair are not the only couple on GG, but they are the IT couple/supercouple of GG. That is why all the articles about season 6 six are asking whether or not Chair is endgame. I have yet to see an article focused on the fate of Serena and Dan and whether or not they are endgame.


Aaaaw, so many Dair fans making little backhanded comments.
Note: if you have to try and sink a ship to float yours that should tell you something.


@Floppy, You're wrong, there are two pairs - Serena and Dan, and Chuck and Blair! And the rest you're right, Dan and Blair are history, their ship was sunk two months ago, forever!


Delusional Dair shippers - that boat sank there is no saving it - it's gone and i thank the lord for that. I truly couldn't have cope if they had been endgame - thankfully the writers finally realised that there is and only ever was one couple on GG and that's CHAIR xoxo


DAIR needs to be endgame.. Im certain it will happen!


chuck and blair in a better place? can't wait!!!!


Michael Ausiello again talk in riddles, what to him means that Chuck and Blair are in a better place? Perhaps he thinks that they are not in NYC, but together in Europe? If Chuck and Blair are together - I agree with that, and it was about time for it! But since I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, what about the two of them? Ausiello says that Dan is with Georgina in Italy, and the pictures that were leaked from the set show that Dan showed up on some wedding and got, again, a slap from Serena (probably deserved)! And Serena is walking through Manhattan with Natasha and Steven! What does Serena do with them, and how long will that buffoon Dan be with Georgina? This is the end of the series and Serena and Dan need to be happy together, like Chuck and Blair!


Better place?WTF dat suppose to mean?They`re dead and in a Heaven`s casino or something? I don`t get it.

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