Chuck and Blair: In a Better Place on Gossip Girl

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When Gossip Girl Season 6 begins this fall, Chuck and Blair are in a better place.

What that means is subject to interpretation, but it's what we've got for now.

Better than nothing, right?

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TV Line sleuth Michael Ausiello writes today that when we return, "Dan is spending some QT far, far away from the Big Apple with [Georgina]. Chuck and Blair, meanwhile, are in a, um, better place. Yeah, let’s go with that."

In the Season 5 finale, Blair said she's all in. Think things will have progressed in the ensuing months?

What do you make of the above teaser, and can anything stop a Chair endgame at this point?

Share your views in the comments below!

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better place??WAT????re u kidding me?????dat just crazy,why the fuck they cut it until 10 episodes,dat sucks!!love to see more scheming show,gossip girl is the most scheming and cunning show!!!


Face It, It has/is/will ALWAYS be Chuck & Blair...They are written in the stars!! There has never been any doubt about the endgame...CHAIR are the King & Queen of the UES AND the HEART & SOUL of GG!! They COMPLETE each other & hold the keys to one another's heart & happiness!!!


CHAIR ENDGAME was set long ago. TPTB have stated that Chuck&Blair are the show's IT couple & MAIN FOCUS a million times over the series run!! It has ALWAYS been crystal clear that CB=DESTINY...They are UNSTOPPABLE together!!! A true force of nature!!




Our CHAIRWedding is so happening!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!


I am SO JAZZED for GG's final season & CHAIR ENDGAME!!! It's LONG OVERDUE & well-earned...Bring on our Chuck&Blair Wedding & CHAIRYTALE 4 LIFE!!!


Chuck&Blair/Blair&Chuck ALL The Way!!!


Script leaked: Chuck and Blair will die and they will reunite in heaven. We will watch them get together in heaven as the show changes its genre.


i hope they are in a better place. chuck had been really abusive, it'd be a shame if something bad happened again, like the time he almost punched her in the face or when he sold her for a hotel.


I think that Blar and Nate it's the real endgame :S

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