Colin O'Donoghue Nabs Iconic Role on Once Upon a Time

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Colin O'Donoghue might wanna start looking out for ticking clocks... because he's just signed on to play Captain Hook!

As announced at Comic-Con, this fairy tale legend is coming to Once Upon a Time Season 2. He will debut on Episode 4 and is described by ABC as a handsome pirate ship captain who never shies away from a fight, and also someone who may give off the air of a gentlemen - but who is truly vindictive in nature.

Colin O'Donoghue Pic

O’Donoghue is best known for playing Duke Philip of Bavaria on The Tudors and he joins a growing list of Season 2 guest stars taking on very well-known roles. For instance:

Julian Morris will play Prince Charming, while Sinqua Walls is on board as Sir Lancelot.

Once Upon a Time returns with new episodes on September 30.

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WTF, they're replacing Prince Charming? I hope you mean Prince Phillip.....but yeah, looking forward to how Captain Hook will fit into Storybrooke, if they're not going to bring Graham back, then maybe Capt. Hook will be Emma's love interest...

Ronald simkins

But Julian Morris is not Prince Charming as Matt Dallas has already played the role for the whole first season.


OMG! Those eyes X.X


Wow he's hot! I might get hooked to this show ;)

Saad khan

The Tudor's Duke Philip of Bavaria and Lady Mary are reuniting in Once Upon a Time... even though Julian Morris will the Prince for her but still..
I think ABC and America in general is getting obsessed with the Brit lads..
More the Better ;)


Oh yes, he'll make a good Hook. But I am worried with all these new guest stars and stuff, are they gonna have time for the originals? There is SO much that needs to be told about Red, Snow, Charming, Archie, Geppeto and Pinnochio among others.
And if they haven't cast Peter Pan yet, one must wonder if we've met him already or not? Or Wendy for that matter.


Yes! I can see that he will play Hook perfectly.

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