Common Law Season 1 Report Card: B

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Common Law wrapped up its first - and only? - season last Friday.

Did the finale do enough to warrant a renewal from USA? Are you hoping this is the case? Before we look too far ahead, let's take a look back at Season 1 via the following TV Fanatic Report Card...

Wes & Travis Investigate

Best Episode: The season finale, "Gun!" Warren Kole and Michael Ealy their best performances. The emotion was spot on and I really felt like I got to know Wes and Travis in a way we hadn't quite come to understand them as partners and friends. It added depth to the show and had me really disappointed that there weren't any new episodes until, potentially, next summer.

Best Therapy Session: Dr. Ryan's homework from "Odd Couples," where Wes and Travis attempted to walk in each other's shoes (and wardrobes). I have never seen two people more determined to out-mimic each other.

Most Awkward Moment: Wes and then Travis' fantasies about Dr. Ryan in "Hot For Teacher." I just couldn't handle it.

Chances for Renewal: USA Network has a strong tradition of renewing their original programming. Even though I believe Common Law had some opportunities to perform more strongly despite the difficult Friday night time slot and struggled a little bit to hit its stride, there's plenty of story left in this show.

Hopes/ Predictions For Next Season: That Sutton returns to counseling with Dr. Ryan, with or without his wife…. I want to meet more of Travis' foster families/siblings… also, more Alex. I realize she and Wes aren't together anymore, but I really liked her… I want to meet Wes' parents.

Overall Grade: B

Your turn, TV Fanatics. What grade would you give Common Law Season 1?

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Hey Suits is a great show! just as good as Common Law! I hope they renew it.


UNBELIEVABLE SHOW! It simply MUST be renewed. PLEASE, USA, give this show another season to make a ratings splash - and put it in a time slot that can help it soar!!!


C+ Best Episode: Role Play Best Therapy Session: Ride Along. "Is that a beaver in your tree." The group is perfect casting. Most Awkward Moment: Alex." I didn't married a cop I married a lawyer." Chances for Renewal: It's Cable 80/20. Hopes/ Predictions For Next Season: No more Alex. Get Wes to move forward. Casting options : Bridget Regan , Genesis Rodriguez , Gemma Chan .


I loved this show! Of the entire summer lineup, I watched only two shows. This was my favorite. I also like Rizzoli and Isles, but didn't think this season was that great. I usually watch TV every night, but I've resorted to reading a lot this summer for lack of anything interesting on the tube. I do hope that Common Law is renewed -- it's the greatest!!!


They can renew suits for another season but not Common Law. That is messed up. They need to renew common law for a second season, can't be that hard since they renewed suites, fairly legal and all the other shows that positively suck.


I just wish they (the networks) would give a show a second season before determining it's fate unless it's God awful trash.


if they don't come back, somebody wil get hit with a tomato, just saying

Philly ace

You mean if Fairly Legal can come back, then Common Law will get 5 seasons.


If suits can come back these can come back

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