Covert Affairs Review: Is it Love?

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Oh, Annie what have you gotten yourself into? "Loving the Alien" showed how far Annie has strayed both professionally and personally.

Ever since the end of the season premiere, "Hang On to Yourself," I have been worried about Annie; her decision to join Simon in the shower made me extremely sad. No longer was Annie the innocent CIA agent that we first met.

On the heels of her transfer request from the DPD, Annie decided to go rogue to continue her relationship with Simon. Of course, Lena couldn't officially approve her "vacation" to Cuba, but helped Annie and then lied to Joan about any knowledge of Annie's whereabouts.

Annie & Simon in Cuba

In the past, Annie always let Auggie in on what she was doing, even if not necessarily approved. At this point, she has even cut him off from this part of her professional and personal life. Their scene by the elevator was painful to watch; he knew she was lying and she knew that he didn't buy her story. When he finds out what she's been up to, I'm not sure he will easily accept it.

Professionally, Annie is risking everything. It's a bit surprising that after being abruptly dismissed by Lena, Annie has gone back to her. It shows how emotionally invested Annie has become in the Simon mission and in Simon himself. She knew Joan wouldn't support her, so she went around her boss to get it from Lena.

This will either be a career maker or a career-ender for Annie. Ultimately, I expect that Annie will be betrayed by Lena, and Joan will be the one who backs her up when she needs it. She may be able to remain at the CIA, but at what cost?

Personally, Annie made a decision to walk into that shower and hasn't been able to get out since. She was genuinely thrilled to hear that Simon had never been as happy with any other woman. And there was no faking their passionate lovemaking. Simon may be in love with Annie, but she is just as smitten with him.

Simon killed his handler to protect Annie and there isn't a higher sacrifice than that. He put his life on the line for her. When Annie has to make the choice between Simon and the CIA, which one will she choose? Right now, it's a toss-up, but I'm guessing she will try to find a way to help the CIA while protecting him. That's Annie's way.

Back in America, Auggie was persistent in finding out who killed Jai. Even though Arthur didn't believe Henry knew anything or at least anything he would reveal, Auggie wouldn't give up. Auggie, as usual, was correct and he will hopefully find a cornucopia of information from Jai's safe house. The question is: how soon will the case into Jai's assassination and his private investigation lead to Simon?

Lastly, Arthur's quest to become the next Ambassador to China seems to have come to an end. His reaction to the Senator's comments was not expected at all. Arthur has held his head high through many inquests, but his desire for the position was less important than his pride.

This season, Covert Affairs has upped the intensity and situations are reaching explosive levels. Annie has put her relationships with Joan, Auggie and the CIA at risk. Something will have to give and it won't be pretty when it happens. Eventually, Joan and Lena are going to have the ultimate showdown. And then there is the mystery surrounding Jai's assassination. When they find the culprit more lives will be at risk.

Throughout the entire hour, I was on the edge of my seat with worry about what was going to happen to Annie. Would Simon try to kill her? The suspense was nearly heart attack inducing. As long as Annie continues her relationship with Simon, the danger isn't going anywhere. 

Do you think Annie has fallen in love with Simon? And, will she be able to sacrifice him if it comes to that?


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@Michael - I don't think Ben killed Jay. Why would he do that? There is one reason: Jay found out something (dirt) about the agency he shouldn't have. But why Ben?


Loving covert affairs. Simon is super hotttttttt!!!!!!! I cant believe that someone posted that they could have found a better looking Simon............HELLO, WHOEVER YOU ARE I HOPE THAT THE PICTURE YOU POSTED WAS A RELATIVE BECAUSE YOU DEFINATELY ARE NO BEAUTY QUEEN.


Loving covert affairs. Simon is super hotttttttt!!!!!!! I cant believe that someone posted that they could have found a better looking Simon............HELLO, WHOEVER YOU ARE I HOPE THAT THE PICTURE YOU POSTED WAS A RELATIVE BECAUSE


Terrie, you said "I'm just throwing this out there, but I think they could have found a better looking guy to play Simon........." May I ask if that is your picture in your post? I am just saying...well, I don't think it needs to be said if that is your picture.


Let's all think about how you honeytrap a known spy who is trying to honeytrap you. Wouldn't you need to play it out exactly like Simon is doing? Yes he killed his handler, but then he pretty much works for himself anyway, not for the FSB. I think that he made Annie right from the start, and has been letting her think he is falling for her (or letting her see the truth that he is, kind of like she is) but when the chips are down he will try to turn HER. If she ever compromises herself and the CIA to help him then he will have suceeded.


Okay Im going to ask it did Ben kill Jai


Does anyone else feel like the show is darker somehow without the banter between Annie and Augie that they had in the first season?
Also, Simon has to know who she is and she has to know he knows. A normal person would freak out being locked in a room, going in with 3 people and leaving with 2 with no conversation about where the other one went. I know Annie saw him kill Hector, but Simon doesn't know Annie saw it. It just seemed strange not to show any of the next conversation in the car.


Simon knows exactly who Annie is and just as he told his handler, he has her under control. She told Annie he has no problem mixing business with pleasure and he was right. He managed to fool Annie, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security and who knows how many agencies. He's the best spy, next to Eyal. The only odd thing he did so far is that he killed his handler. Let's see what he's going to do regarding Annie and his feelings for her.


For all those who are wondering about the red skirt!!! At first I was as shocked about it as most of you are but roll back the tape and you'll see that Annie started that day with that skirt. Meaning they went for a walk, spent the day as simple tourists, then at the evening Simon saw his handler and took off right in the middle of dinner. So Annie had no idea what is going to happen, where she is going to be that evening. After Simon took off she had no time to go home and change. I know, I know, a spy should dress accordingly but let's not forget that she drives a red car at home and once she told someone she didn't know she is going to be a spy when she bought that car. So this is the story with her red skirt.


It was an awesome episode! I think they are both in love. I love their relationship, but also like annie and eyal. it was the best epi yet.

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Good Luck.


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