Criminal Minds Season 8: Who's Returning?

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Featuring one new cast member and at least two anticipated returns, Criminal Minds kicks off Season 8 on Wednesday, September 26.

What can fans of the CBS drama expect from upcoming episodes? Producer Erica Messer shared the following scoops and spoilers with EW at last week's Television Critics Association press tour...

Jeanne Tripplehorn as Alex Blake

Jeanne Tripplehorn's Alex Blake will share a history with Strauss, one that dates to a case during which Strauss allowed Blake to take the blame when things went awry.

Bellamy Young will appear on at least three episodes as Beth, with Messer saying she and Hotchner will engage in a "long-distance relationship."

Someone from Hotchner's past, who viewers have seen before, will show up for an episode. That's the only tease we get for this storyline.

Who could it be? Let the theories fly and visit EW's Spoiler Room for more on Criminal Minds and many other shows.

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i hope they all stay i dont want anybody to leave because i love this show. My favorite is Morgsn and i love it when him and Garcia call each other nicknames it makes me smile. Reid needs a little more screen time it isnt fair because everyone else gets more, he inly says something smart and then thats it, more screen time for him please!! :)


A.J Cook is an amazing actor I honestly can't wait for least among saints to come out in cinemas, but criminal minds would never be as good without jj she's the caring one out of all of them and one of the best.


I hope Gideon never shows he was and still is a sorry actor,when he was around he controlled the hole show like if it evolved around just him like he's the main man,he just sucked I hope none of the other cast leave there all great,after Gideon left the show got much better more intense. Good redence to bad rubbish,


I don't get all the hoohaa over A. J. Cook. She's beautiful but she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag.


I go with Hotch's brother, and i hope Prentiss doesn't leave.


The REAPER is dead. Can't be Gideon. I go with his sister in law or brother.


@Gwen How so he was the main character all season?


I bet it is Foyette (sp?) is the person from Hotches past that comes back.


Tbh I'd prefer if elle came back instead of prentiss or gideon cos she was funnier.


would love to see Prenttis and Gideon come back

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