Dallas Review: No One Lives Forever

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The return of Dallas has been quite a ride, and this penultimate episode lived up to the hype. "Family Business" was my favorite installment to date.

I first began watching Dallas when I was about eight years old so I have a long history with the Ewings. Despite the fun of the backstabbing and conniving business deals, nothing makes me happier than when the show is all about family.

Can John Ross Keep Elena?

Bobby's illness brought everyone home, but not before Christopher went back to the blame game. It appeared that his truce with John Ross wasn't going to last long. Chris once again jumped to conclusions, acting on emotion instead of really listening. He was so out of hand that his father had to threaten to sit him down to get him to listen. Of course, that exchange also led to this Dallas quote

Bobby: Where was I?
Christopher: You were threatening to kick our ass. | permalink

I suppose it was too much to ask for Chris to change his ways all at once. Perhaps this will be a gradual thing.

Bobby's brain seizure certainly shook everyone. Even though Elena was breaking a confidence when she told John Ross about Bobby's cancer, I was proud of how she did it.

Elena: He thought if you knew about his cancer, you and JR would use it against him to get Southfork. | permalink

Honest and to the point, that moment made me like Elena all the more... and John Ross who looked horrified at the thought. Mostly because I'll bet he realized how much truth there was in it. Another stellar moment was him finally hearing enough of Baum's evasions and threatening the man if he didn't produce J.R.

John Ross: I've never kicked an old man's ass but today's as good a day as any. | permalink

That Bobby insisted upon going home only proved that he was a stubborn Ewing man. As pig-headed as it sounded, I sort of agreed with his reasoning.  If I knew I might only have days left to live, I wouldn't want to spend them in a hospital, especially if I could spend them on a beautiful ranch like Southfork.

So many things came together in this episode. The best of which was Christopher, John Ross, Elena and Bobby joining equally in business. That John Ross and Christopher could see that Jock set his boys against one another but that they didn't have to repeat that family history was quite a breakthrough. Do I think their truce will hold up? Probably not, but it's nice to see them try.

Something tells me that Ewing Energies will be quite the focus of season two and add a lot of fun to an already entertaining show.

Even JR and Bobby came to a fragile peace... fragile being the only peace possible between these two. Bobby realized that he's never going to trust his brother but he'll always love him. And J.R. signed Southfork back over to Bobby. Whatever J.R.'s end game, that moment was heart warming to witness.

On the flip side, several things fell apart. Harris was blackmailing Sue Ellen and shoving alcohol in her face, proving once more what a bastard he really is. He left me wishing that Sue Ellen would take another page out of J.R.'s play book and crush him like bug.

Of course Tommy brought things with Rebecca to a head when she failed to steal Christopher's key card for him. Obviously he's a bit of a sociopath and very angry his long-term con has gone so wrong. Not a good combination. If only Rebecca had pulled the trigger when she had the chance.

Now we're headed into the finale left to wonder how many lives hang in the balance. Will Bobby survive his aneurysm? Whose blood splattered when that gun went off? Was Tommy shot? Was Rebecca? Will the unborn twins survive? 


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It was a great and solid episode. I like the fact that John Ross seems more human than JR, it brings a different dynamic.
I just hope nothing bad happens to Bobby, I've always liked that character. And even if "wife 3" is a nice lady, I miss Pam ! If only Victoria Principal could come back ! Wonder also what happened with Rebecca, I have a feeling that either Tommy died or she took the bullet but won't die herself, she will lose one or both babies.


Thanks! I watched Dallas in its early seasons so remember Pam but then my own life got complicated so I stopped watching much TV. I missed Bobby's marriage to April. Glad he has finally found happiness with Ann...I just think she is terrific! Now he can't die :-{


zoe123, Yes, Bobby has been married twice before. The original Dallas began as Bobby brought his new wife, Pamela Barnes Ewing home to Southfork. It was true love but given the the Barnes/Ewing feud it didn't go over so well. I could write a book about their history but I'll leave it with they eventually divorced. Pam is Christopher's adoptive mother. A few years later Bobby married April Stevens but she was killed on their honeymoon in Europe. So Ann is wife #3.


I really enjoyed this episode. Actually my expectations were pretty low for this show and it has surprised me with how good it is! I especially liked the way Ann stood up to JR when he tried to barge into Bobby's room...and he backed right down just like most wannabe bullies do when someone calls their bluff. But what about JR's remark that Ann is Bobby's third wife? Did Bobby have two other wives before her? I thought it would have been just one. Can anyone help me out here?


I love Jonh Ross In This chapter, as he tells Elena, love-hate his father. I'm sorry but the character of Christopher Achievement not empathize With Him, I always remember the dwarf Grumpy.


Great episode! I was surprised when Tommy mentioned that the scam was originally Rebecca's idea. I don't think she's really in love with Christopher, I think it's a long long con. Also surprised when we say that Cliff's right hand man was Tommy's client...hmmmm - what's up with that? Hope Sue Ellen doesn't go back to the bottle. I think she and Ann will cook p a plan. Ewing Energies...sound good, hope it works! Next week is gonna be good!


Best new show on TV for the summer season!!! I loved last night's episode for a lot of different reasons. For one, the love Bobby obviously feels for JR, although he is a SOB. JR is the enemy you love to hate. A truly hilarious moment for me when Ann threw him out of Bobby's room and JR appeared so surprised at her anger. Really!?-Anybody, but JR would not have responded that way. I'm pretty certain that Tommy is the individual in the rolled up carpet that is being dragged across the floor in the preview for next week. It's anybody's guess how the Rebecca/Chris/twins relationship will turn out. I was surprised to find out that Rebecca initiated the entire scam and unexpectedly fell in love w/Chris. This episode was truly entertaining and well-written, however, the finality looks even better - Can't wait to see it!!!


Tremendous episode - very tightly scripted and paced. All the plot threads are pulling together now and are also opening new avenues. It's certainly the best new show of the current season, and makes The Newsroom look like irritating, amateur bullshit. Who'd have thoight that the rebooted Dallas would blow Sorkin's embarrassing effort out of the water?


I absolutely love Ann. It was great seeing her throw JR out of the house. I think John Ross is trying to be a better person with all that he's doing now. I doubt he and Chistopher will last long working together, but at least Elena will be there to to help them sort it out. I don't think ELena was trying to call Miss Ellie a bitch when she called JR a SOB. People use that as an insult to the person and not their mother sometimes. I feel like Tommy was shot but that there are gonna be complications with the babies.


I like how there all business together. I like when Ann kicked JR out of the room and JR remark that woman is out her mind and he called the 3rd wife. I loved how Sue Ellen slapped JR. Rebecca was the who come up with the idea to get Christopher out money. I think Tommy was the one who was show but I think Rebecca may lose one or both babies I hope wrong about that one tho.

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