Damon to Return to Season 1 Form on The Vampire Diaries

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Damon Salvatore will likely hit the bottle hard on The Vampire Diaries Season 4.

And not just in this fun, fan-made video.

Bad Day for Damon

Speaking to TV Line, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec made it clear that Damon's attempts to open up last season - which went for naught when Elena chose Stefan - will be a thing of the past when TVD returns in October.

"Damon is the Damon of Season 1, minus the posturing and posing," Plec previews. "He just is. He is who he is. He’s got attitude. He’s always right. He’s rarely wrong."

Don't expect this Salvatore sibling to be apologizing for any actions any time soon.

"This year is going to be very much about, ‘You don’t like me. You want to judge me. You don’t like who I am, how I do things? Well, screw you," says Plec.

"It’s going to be a great shift for him... He’s still going to be the Damon we know and love - he’s still going to be kicking ass and taking names. But he just has this devil may care attitude about it. He’s just not going to change for anybody anymore. He did that. That’s over. That’s so last year.”

And this year begins on October 11. Are you excited for the new/old Damon?

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im not happy about Damon going bad at all .rogue is ok but not pure evil i thought elena was meant to gradually change him and bring down those walls .it was bad enough that elena was so angry with him for half the season when all he ever did was stand by her rescue her and he didnt get one bit of acknowledgement or thank you just more people judging him .i hope season 4 is better .very disappointed !!!so far


Oh shutup. You're the reason the show is in the condition it's in in the first place. You lap up the shit that comes out of Julie Plec's ass and beg for more as if it's gold! The 2 shows I loathe the most on CW is Gossip Girl and Elena Diaries because of bad writing. But you know what I can say about Blair, the lead female on GG? She wants to be a woman of power, she wants to make a name for herself, to be defined as Blair Waldorf instead of Blair Bass. What can I say about Elena? Does she want to graduate? What is she gonna do after? What are her goals? WE KNOW NOTHING! Same thing about Stefan and Damon! All Stefan wants to do is protect Elena's vagina! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? You're a fucking vampire and all you want to do with your life is be whipped by some fucking 18 yr old girl with the personality of a tree! Damon is same thing, at least in s1 he had a purpose but not anymore! All these morons do is worship at the altar of Saint Elena and it's disgusting! THAT'S NOT CHARACTERIZATION and that's why people leave shitty comments!

Tvd fan rheanne

and when i say better i mean better in your opinioncause i believe tvd is totaly awsome :) as well as the cast, carecters and storyine'

Tvd fan rheanne

Okay everybody talking shit about tvd f*#@ off if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all nobody cares about your opinion everyone has there own if you dont like the show stop complaining and watch something better i am actually a FAN who Likes this show and almost everything that happens. I like many others am excited about season four and everything thats going to happen so stop being a hater and dont diss tvd


now if they are going to make him nasty again I mean it's got to be full fledged evil and non forgiving and no mopping or pining away for Katherine or Elena ......he needs to be klaus mean ok.....then the stories will be loaded with fun!!!!


...I'll believe it when I see it. Still, as long as Elena exists and he loves her, I don't believe he'll ever truly go back to his season 1 self.

Fruit salad

*Cough* What was supposed to happen after 3x14, *Cough* I don't know whether to LOL at all these spoilers because they're almost the exactly same as the spoilers for season 3, or weep for a show that used to be so great... as for Damon's character, I honestly couldn't care less. He's like an immature little brat throwing tantrums and breaking things to get people to notice him. ''Stefan gets both Katherine and Elena? No fair! Waah! I'm gonna go rape a girl and kill a bunch of people and that's totally justified because my feelings are hurt'' Ugh, bitch get out.


About time, my prayers i finally be answered i hope, i wont hold my breath just in case lol, i couldnt take how he was so wiped be elena and, he can do so much better and deserve better, his character was way better in season one,i think Plec as found it difficult to show growth with demon character, while still remaining true to his core character


Wuss, wuss, wuussss! Nope, sorry, Damon is way to deeeeep in wuss land. We can't just magically forget who he was for the past two seasons and then just accept that he will apparently get back to being s1 Damon.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Its hilarious taht it starts to sound like a broken record. All the same stuff they said about S3 and S3 failed miserably in well...everything.

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