Diane Neal Confirms Return to NCIS

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Diane Neal has confirmed her return to NCIS.

The actress will reprise her role as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin in Season 10, having booked an October episode of TV’s most watched drama. Says executive producer Gary Glasberg:

“Having Diane Neal’s character back is like welcoming home family ... The Coast Guard and the Navy are forever linked and Diane represents a relationship that’s very important to us."

"Her episodes are always fun and packed with humor and action. [NCIS Season 10] will be no exception,” he added. Check out this fun behind-the-scenes photo of Neal on the set:

Diane Neal, NCIS Cast Set Photo

The first footage from the new season aired last night on ET. What can we expect come September 25? Follow the link in the previous sentence to see for yourself if you haven't already!

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Sincerely Michael, you are fooling no one with your name changes at this point. The picture that was tweeted was actually possibly taken by CdP - that's why she wasn't in the picture, it's not because she is too snobby. If you knew anything correct about the actors you would know that she and Diane Neal are great friends. Your vile remarks toward the character and the actress really should get you banned from this site and it amazes me that it hasn't happened yet. You really aren't doing much good for the anti-Tiva side of things as people read your remarks and totally discount them. I for one won't be responding to any more of your taunts because obviously feeding the troll are what keep you coming back. I hope others follow suite and maybe you will drop off, but something tells me this is perhaps the only interaction you get from people as you seem like a bitter sad person and you will take whatever you can get even if it is negative. Perhaps that your agenda anyway - you want the attention so you do what you know will get it for you.


@michael scorp really its getting old


If they are going to kill another woman off, it she really be Ziva. That will be doing the show a favor, t.v. a favor and the public a favor in general. Ziva's character is one of the vile, degrading female roles we have ever seen on T.V.....added to that is the clicheness of her actin which is getting tiring.... she has absolutely nooooo chemistry with anyone on or off screen......she acts like a snob on and off screen.....she is cramping the style of the show and the rest of the cast....


Great Photo! Although I miss EJ! Again, Cote de Pablo is too much of a snob to join in, you know which cast members really care for each other.


*Sigh* Michael, we haven't seen any pictures of McGee because he is most likely the one who has received the most serious injuries out of the whole bunch. Just how bad are they? I don't know, but the longer we go without getting any, the worse those injuries probably are, IMO. As for the other half of your statement -- there are two people who make up the word "Tiva". One is Ziva and the other is Tony. I'm a guy and I admit I don't mind seeing pictures of Ziva wearing few items of clothing. On the other hand, there are a lot of women who don't mind seeing pictures of Tony minus clothing either. It's a win-win scenario.


I can tell you if you look at all the other NCIS websites that basic the only reason people want Tiva is so they can see Ziva naked they do not care about Tony mcgee or anyone on the show why do you think we have not seen any picture of mcgee because Tiva hate Mcgee


Agent Borin is 10 times better character then EJ imo


@auroraB i think every 20comments or so they review doesnt matter what the comment reads thats what i think anyway because if they read some of michaels comments they would surely block him.


Borin is a much better character than EJ. And I don't see her getting killed off anytime soon.


i would say around 80% want tiva

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