Diane Neal Confirms Return to NCIS

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Diane Neal has confirmed her return to NCIS.

The actress will reprise her role as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin in Season 10, having booked an October episode of TV’s most watched drama. Says executive producer Gary Glasberg:

“Having Diane Neal’s character back is like welcoming home family ... The Coast Guard and the Navy are forever linked and Diane represents a relationship that’s very important to us."

"Her episodes are always fun and packed with humor and action. [NCIS Season 10] will be no exception,” he added. Check out this fun behind-the-scenes photo of Neal on the set:

Diane Neal, NCIS Cast Set Photo

The first footage from the new season aired last night on ET. What can we expect come September 25? Follow the link in the previous sentence to see for yourself if you haven't already!

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And Michael/Mary, for the record, I believe that more than 14% of the NCIS fan base are Tiva fans. That's why the show is moving ahead with putting them together -- a large number of the fans are either in favor of it or are okay with it if it happens. And we are rounding third base and heading for home as far as how much longer the show will be on the air. So, time to start lining them up for the end. As for killing off the Borin character -- um, how long have you had these misogynistic feelings?


Michael, you are going to have to do better than that if you want to post under a different name. You are going to have to -- well, learn how to spell for starters. Improve your grammer and sentence structures. The works. And use a different name that doesn't start with "M". Now, as to what you were saying: Tony doesn't have his own team because the minute that happens the show ends. Most likely he will get his own team at that point. And that may be the point Tony and Ziva get together too. As for the other things that you suggested -- just because we haven't seen them yet doesn't mean we won't. Just not yet. As for JAG -- the show was in its 10th season and the ratings were losing steam. That's why it went off of the air. If you would stop basing your posts on ignorant rants and focus on facts -- well, then I guess we wouldn't be seeing many more of your posts.


Literally laughing out loud at Michael's not so subtle subject change when everyone figured out he/she is also Mary.


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So moving on from the spoil child rant I wonder if they will kill Diane character off that what NCIS is really missing is killing the woman off I think that why NCIS became so popular because its like which woman will they kill off now its like Star Trek and the red shirt :)


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