Diane Neal Confirms Return to NCIS

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Diane Neal has confirmed her return to NCIS.

The actress will reprise her role as CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin in Season 10, having booked an October episode of TV’s most watched drama. Says executive producer Gary Glasberg:

“Having Diane Neal’s character back is like welcoming home family ... The Coast Guard and the Navy are forever linked and Diane represents a relationship that’s very important to us."

"Her episodes are always fun and packed with humor and action. [NCIS Season 10] will be no exception,” he added. Check out this fun behind-the-scenes photo of Neal on the set:

Diane Neal, NCIS Cast Set Photo

The first footage from the new season aired last night on ET. What can we expect come September 25? Follow the link in the previous sentence to see for yourself if you haven't already!

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@Carmine that where you are wrong because if the network and the show was totally behind what the fans want. Then how come Tony does not have his own team, How come we still don't know about Vance how come we have yet to find out why the CIA sent Trent to Ziva home country. How come we have yet to see how Abby and Tony meet or how Abby join NCIS. See Carmine the network and the show are being bully into doing something that only 14% of people want why the rest of us will NEVER get what we want so Michael is right and I for one agree the last thing I want is a other House drama or Castle and Bones issue where the head writer come out and say it was a mistake to put their two main character together Look at fringe its going off the air because of its shippers. Look at JAG you want to know why people stop watching it and it was cancel because of the shippers face the facts Michael is just sick of seening Good show Jump the shark and I agree with him 100%


@Michael, see that's where you are wrong- the NCIS fan base DOES want Tiva. That's been proven time & time again. And the network & the show are totally behind what the fans want. And let's see: Bones is up in the ratings and Castle has exploded the Internet with putting their character together. I dare predicate that the next season will see gigantic gains in ratings & viewers for that show. You obviously aren't in touch with what the fans want - for any fandom.


@melissa loved your comment as well you are so right about all you wrote


@carmine loved your comment you are so right.


@Carmine Because we the NCIS fanbase DO NOT want NCIS to become like CSI or law and order SVU or any other show the Shippers have taken off the air or made a joke


Why does every post turn into a debate about Tiva? I think the Tiva issue has been settled. Tiva is going to happen - it may not be this season, but it is endgame. If it wasn't, they would have done away with it seasons ago. They keep Tiva alive & kicking because it is what most of the fans want to see. There are some out there who don't like it, but you have that with any romantic pairing. I loved the elevator promo - very flirty and suggestive.


Love to see Agent Borin returning to NCIS - she always bring a certain fun with her. Diane Neal is a great friend of Cote's and she totally ships Tiva (according to an interview she did after last year's NCIS appearance), so that only raises her likability factor in my book. And I am very excited to see how the show progresses the Tiva relationship this season. I am all for Tiva happening - the sooner the better. I have faith in Glasberg and the writers to do this fine pair justice. And to the idiot Michael who compared Tiva fans to the Republican party and the rest of the fans to normal Americans - I seriously doubt you are even an American citizen so you really know nothing of which you speak, but that is par for the course where you are concerned. Every time you open your mouth, you only make yourself look more crazy - but hey keep it up, at this point you are pure entertainment because no one in their right mind (or with 1/2 a mind) could ever take your ramblings seriously.


I like her but shes too much like Gibbs to be with him but as much as am a Tiva fan (you can tell by my name lol) she be better with Tony then Gibbs. I don't think Tony and Ziva will get together yet anyways

Sue ann

@ hoooah120 Sarah never married someone else on J*A*G. She was engaged to the Australian guy, and she had a long relationship with the CIA guy, but her only other marriage was before she met Harmon Rabb. That was the ex-husband she killed .... I realize that I am swimming against the stream here, but I really don't like Tony and Ziva together, either. However, I disliked CIA Ray intensely (he was greasy) and I also did not care for Jeanne Benoit. I do see Ziva being cruel and contemptuous of Tony far too much. Not a good basis for a romance. I'd prefer they stick to the murder-solving. Abby and McGee, though, I am totally behind.


@hoooah120 Personally, based on what has been said,I believe we will see Tony and Ziva get together by the time the series ends.

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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