Does Mark Die on Grey's Anatomy?

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We know Eric Dane is leaving Grey's Anatomy, but is his character, Dr. Mark Sloan, leaving Seattle Grace for the great beyond? This Twitter pic from Patrick Dempsey certainly implies as much.

In teasing Dane's exit and the upcoming Season 9 forest flashback, Shonda Rhimes said just last week that that viewers should assume nothing about Mark’s fate. That's probably still true.

Still, the photo - taken down at ABC’s request, according to Dempsey - could be telling:

Dempsey Twitpic

It's all unclear as we head into September, but from what Shonda has hinted so far, the opener (see Grey's Anatomy Season 9 promo) could leave even more up in the air than usual.

“When we start the season, we are ahead enough in time where we see the outcome of lots of things. And in the second episode, there’s rewind - we go backwards - to where they’re still in the forest,” Rhimes said.

“So you see what happened and in the next episode, you see how we get there.”

What's your take on the image above? Is it part of the flashback? Or the “outcome”? Will Mark pass away, or recover after hospitalization and leave town in good health? Discuss below!

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i think its just means that they have been rescude, cause non of them was in a good shape in this forest. especialy Dr. Sloan


Sick of the people that's obssesed with characters and not with the show calling themselves a fan. I love GA, and the only reason theat i wont watch anymore is if the storie becomes boring. And i dont know about you all but i'm interested as hell to see where this ends up!


It would be a good send off for his character if he died with Callie and his daughter by his side at the hospital. I think the most amazing thing that could happen would be for Mark to go up in the elevator, to see Lexie stood waiting for him in the afterlife.


Here it starts, Actors are leaving I don't lie this!


Shonda rhimes already "killed" george... And mark,who wanted a baby more than anything, won't give up on her even for lexie's death, and shonda is totally capable of killing him as well..


I think that Mark´s in a coma in the first episode and beginning of the 2nd. His friends and family gather around to get ready and take him off life support and remember the events in the wood *begin flashback*. the 2nd episode probably ends back on time, 2or3 months later with Mark dying among those that love him. I´d call that a proper send-off. Also, Shonda told HR that Mark will be there for only 2 episodes.


9th season is coming and here I am, still sad and depressed about Lexie's death! I want him alive but not with other woman coz He was MEANT TO BE with Lexie only! I dont want another sad worthless living person who just lost the love of his life! So, basically, I am totally cluless. I don't know whether he should be alive or dead! If he will be dead then what would I do? I watched Greys initially for MerDer n then Mark/Lexie, Yang, Izzie and Alex. Now how am I supposed to carry on without two of them are already gone and one is about to go or become living dead! :( I have no idea this time, what would I do?


Lexie dying happened right at the beginning of 8.24. Mark doesn't look good, probably cos it took so long for the rescuers to turn up. I just can't see why Mark would leave his daughter to start a new life elsewhere.
I think Mark will die, but the episode will show his farewells to everyone he loves


I'm pretty sure this is the flashback. Aren't there reports that Mark will be around for a few episodes and then will be given a proper goodbye?


He should just die.. (i love mark) but if he dies at least he has a chance to 'be' with Lexie. If he just leaves, then why couldn't they save lexie and they could've been together... That is since he's leaving..

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