Drop Dead Diva Creator Teases Lady Bodacious, Season 4 Finale

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Drop Dead Diva is enjoying one of its strongest seasons and while it ranks as the number-one drama across ad-supported cable in its time slot (according to a Lifetime press release) and regularly draws more viewers than Project Runway, creator Josh Berman and the long-running series still await that fifth season pick-up.

While fans do the same, Berman talked to Jim Halterman earlier this week and teased the upcoming season finale while also touting tonight’s all-new episode, which features series regular Margaret Cho (Teri) revealing a musical persona named "Lady Bodacious."


“Margaret is such a fun person to write for," Berman said. "She got nominated for an Emmy this year for 30 Rock and we thought ‘I’d love to see her play a persona more like Lady Gaga,’ which is a lot more like Margaret Cho, someone who is just bold and bodacious so out of that grew the persona Lady Bodacious.”

Viewers will see Cho - as Lady Bodacious, remember -  sing a song called ‘Restraining Order’ that is a track she also performed on the Drop Dead Diva soundtrack. Berman added that Lady Bodacious is best described as “Lady Gaga meets early Madonna.”

As for the rest of the season, Berman - who is pulling double duty these days as his new Fox drama, The Mob Doctor, readies for its September 17 premiere - promises big things leading up to the finale.

“We really bring the Grayson/Jane/Owen love triangle to a head. Owen returns this week and that starts off the trajectory for the end of the [season] and that will build to our best cliffhanger ever.... I can promise that the cliffhanger for season four is something that nobody will expect, nobody will see coming and it will change the direction of the show.”

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.


It would be great if they got both Fred and Luke to stay....as long as luke stays I'm happy cause I am just loving the whole Teri and Luke thing.


If this happens I would have won the argument with my mom.. I told her that Grayson would go into owen's body.. that would be amazing!!!! I can't stand Owen..


Well Fred certainly can't come back as Jane/debs guardian angel can he??? Seems that one of them or both of the men being in peril would make sense but if it is predictable enough that two viewers have already posted comments can we possibly be on the right path? Would be interesting story line. Wonder how that would play out. Maybe they both get in an accident and Jane/deb has to deal with Fred only being able to choose one??? She pretty clearly chose Owen last night by proposing to him so it does beg the question if she had to choose. Guess we shall find out!! Loving this seas


I think Shaerra is close. They said Fred will be back in the last episode - I'm thinking grayson has an accident, at the same time owen goes into cardiac arrest and Fred looks away from the button again. But the rules say Grayson/Owen can't tell Deb/Jane


Hmmm, Grayson and Owen end up in some form of accident. And say Owen ends up in Grayson's body or Grayson in Owen's .... thats why pick!

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