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Following the major Game of Thrones Season 3 casting news from last week - CiarĂ¡n Hinds will come on board as Mance Rayder - HBO has confirmed two more upcoming recurring stars:

  1. Ed Skrein, a musician/actor who will be making his U.S. television debut, has been cast as Daario Naharis, the captain of the Stormcrows, who will help Daenerys sail into Westeros.
  2. Jacob Anderson will portray Grey Worm, the leader of the Unsullied, a sect of eunuch slave soldiers trained from birth to go into battle.
Daario Naharis
GoT Actor

Game of Thrones returns with new episodes on March 31, 2013.

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But didn't Jorah refer to the captain of the ship he found as 'she'? I'm curious to see if they let slip that little detail when season 3 comes or if they add in some little detail about how it's not a woman sailing and fix it.


I like the casting decisions...Grey Worm is a little off, but I like it. And I can totally see Ed as Daario...I am at his big parts in book 5, he def looks like the cocky, sneaky guy that Dany loves. LOVE Mance! LOOOOVE Beric! Jojen good call, Thoros- awesome! Just like I pictured. Well done!!


Come on, what about the female staff? I know it is not about the beauty but at least Meera might have been chosen prettier! :( ... I am a huge fan of GoT but there is not even one of the girls that is hot in that series!!! Margery is cute and has very intriguing face but this is as far as it goes ... and the mother of dragons has more childish then female appearance ... not to mention Melisandre, she is the biggest disappointment ... where is the burning flame in her? Even I might have chosen better: Christina Hendricks, Laura Prepon, even the "housewife" Marcia Cross looks more attractive to me


Noooo. Daario is supposed to be super-hot. Not that the actor pictured above isn't cute, but, he looks way too young, for starters, and--he's cute, but not hot :( Jacob looks too pretty to be Greyworm, too. ah, well...

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