Extended Dexter Promo: "I WIll Never Be Okay"

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Yvonne Strahovski, Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick are all coming on board Dexter Season 7, as recently-released photos depict these veteran actors in the recurring roles they'll take on this fall.

But let's face it: following the major event that concluded Season 6, most fans aren't tuning in for these new faces. They're all about a couple of old ones: Deb, Dexter and what the fallout will be by the former walking in on the latter, mid-ritual.

In the following new extended trailer, we're treated to more footage than ever before from upcoming episodes, including Deb's panicked reaction to her brother's secret.

We also see/hear references to both The Ice Truck Killer and The Bay Harbor Butcher, as it looks like Deb and other members of the Miami PD may be putting a few troubling pieces together. Watch now and start the countdown for September 30...

NOTE: No one was more of a critic of Dexter Season 6 than yours truly. But I've seen the Season 7 premiere. It's terrific. You will not be disappointed.

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Man oh man. So compelling, watching the character of a true sociopath working out the details of his intentions according to what makes sense to him, irrespective of any toyed notions of morality or even love. Does he even know the meaning of that word? Doubtful. Seems like he's more cognizant of how others perceive it.

C f ohara

Holy Moly that was intense. @joyeful you definitely should get caught up and back invovled.


Yep....I just might start watching this show again. Haven't watched since season 2, but this looks...different...

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Dexter Quotes

Deb: (excitedly) A baby? a motherfucking rolly-poly, chubby cheeked shit machine? Are you kidding me?
Dexter: I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.

Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again. It has to happen. Nice night.

Dexter Morgan