Extended Revolution Trailer: Out of the Darkness...

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It's happening, isn't it?

So asks Elizabeth Mitchell's character in the following extended trailer for Revolution, the upcoming NBC drama that focuses on a world without electricity.

Premiering September 17, the series is produced by J.J. Abrams and the pilot directed by Jon Favreau. Not a shabby resume, huh?

It stars Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson - a young woman intent on saving her family from a warlord (Giancarlo Esposito) who is after information about the global blackout - and Billy Burke as a relative of Charlie who appears to know more than he initially lets on. He's also really good with a sword.

Watch the promo now and sound off: Will you give Revolution a shot?

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look's good, when is it coming to the uk?


Too much like Jericho. In Jericho it was the guy with the bomb and the laptop. Now we have the woman with the charm and a laptop in Revolution. WOW...


this has to be one of the stupedest shows around. why would the troops be carring precussion cap muzzle loading rifles when there are probably 100 millon modern weapons . and all this crap about the planes falling out of the sky , jet engines don't use electrical power to run after start and deisels don't either. and you havenerver said why lost power in the first place.if you are going to make a show about 15 years in the future make it real.


Was going to give it a shot because of Billy Burke but after watching promo - definitely on my list. Fingers crossed that the PTBs give it a chance!


So... the lights go off and weeds grow all over everything and a some girl has to find an uncle who maybe knows how to turn the lights back on but an evil warlord sprouts up and stands in her way. Yet another idiotic end of the world show where a small group must battle the ubiquitous warlord and his army of follows who are there only so that they can be killed off by the dozens. I have no clue why everyone thinks JJ Abrams is so great. His films and TV shows rarely rise above the lowest common denominator. Once again the actors all look like models wearing incredible fashions that never seem to get dirty or torn. Realism? nope. Drama? Maybe for the kiddies. Will I watch? Nope.


Revolution is already on my viewing list for this year. One of the few things out there that even looks interesting. Hopefully NBC will give it a long enough shot.


This looks really hot and cool. The only new fall show that I'm actually looking forward to. -You gotta love Billy Burke and J.J. Abrams doing the same project!

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