Falling Skies Review: Mass Attacks

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Falling Skies was juggling a great many balls on its Season 2 finale, "A More Perfect Union." And I'm not sure the series caught many of them successfully.

After last Sunday's arrival in Charleston, the drama set us up with a military coup and a looming Skitter attack. Early on in the finale, meanwhile, Ben returned, Tom was placed in custody alongside his former professor, only for the Second Mass to voluntarily go after the alien Overlord... which followed an Army-led attack against the Skitters and, oh, right, we learned Anne was pregnant.

A lot was thrown at the viewer in the course of just a few minutes; too much in my opinion. It made for a frenzied final episode of what's been a mostly focused, terrific season for Falling Skies.

Falling Skies Season 2 Finale Scene

The battle itself was impressive. The special effects team has been on its game from the premiere and it was no different here, as we witnessed Red Eye going after the Overlord and Karen deftly climbing up a wall.

She warned that the war was far from over and then proved to be prophetic when the episode concluded with the arrival of a new creature. My reaction to what the show intended as a significant, fascinating cliffhanger? Meh.

It's clearly impossible to actually judge until next season, but for now it feels like we've been here, seen this, done that. That's the problem with a series based around an alien invasion: where can it actually go? You either defeat the aliens and the show is over... or you don't and new ones simply continue to touch down.

It's an anticlimactic cycle of invade... retreat... attack... scramble... attack again.

Perhaps I'll be proven wrong. Maybe this new being has an agenda outside of ending the human race. But I can only react to what I just saw and it didn't make me especially anxious for next summer. We've spent two seasons watching the Second Mass go at it with their enemies. The tease of more enemies to encounter isn't one that leaves me wanting more.

I am intrigued by whatever is literally bugging Hal, however. Is he remaining human, yet going dark? Is there an alien presence inside of him, as opposed to one harnessed on his back for all to see?

Still, overall the final two episodes were a letdown. They were too scattered, with both the Army General and Arthur Manchester not really painted as good or evil or even anything in between. It wasn't clear what the viewer was supposed to be rooting for or thinking of the entire Charleston community. Ben went from abandoning his family in favor of the Skitter one moment... to eagerly sticking around and playing Monopoly the next. All in one episode.

It was all a bit rushed and jammed together. Let's hope TNT gives the series 12 episodes, as opposed to 10, next summer in order to let some of these storylines breathe.

Despite my criticism of the finale, I'll most definitely be back for Season 3. The good - Noah Wyle's performance, strong effects and action, unexpected alliances and pivots - far outweighs the bad.

What did everyone else think of the finale and season in general?


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Everyone needs to read William Tenn's "The Liberation of Earth". Great story, and may well be what's to happen here! Suck air, my children, suck air!!


I agree with DeeAnn, if you don't like the show don't watch it , why so many critical posts.
I am not saying the finale was perfect, however, it was better then 99% of the shows on the air.
For me the first season was OK, but I really enjoyed this season.
I hope the bug in Hal is found quickly or aliens will follow them where ever they go. That was a bit of a gap for me, I saw him kissed and passed out, after the bug they found in Tom I would want to check him over carefully and have a guard posted at all times. I think this new alien is there to help. I think the first group have gone around the universe messing with many civilizations and maybe word has gotten out of the rebel skitters! I wonder why Ben went back, did Red eye tell him too, that the rebels are finished because he died? Humans write the stories of course we are either going to win... or we are wiped out or made into slaves or turned, there is not other way to end the story at least not that I can think of. Red Eye tacked him up top and was thrown, Tom knocked him down at the knee's and once someone is on the ground it is easier to kill them.
I guess I just like this show! I think the special effects are very good and I love so many of the characters.
And the skitters joining with humans is a bit of a new turn to an old story.


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Alien invaders who wiped out all earth armies.
Alien invaders who wiped out all earth armies who?
Alien invaders who wiped out all earth armies who wiped out all of earth's armies but can't kill a few people who send untrained doctors on military missions to use high explosives. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Following this scenario, when Obama sent in the military to kill Osama Bin Laden, he should have replaced some of the navy seals with pregnant female doctors and high school kids with little military training. He also should have had them be as noisy and talkative as they wanted as they approached the camp. No need for stealth copters guys, just walk on up talking in loud voices about stupid shit like losing weight, rollerskating or whatever. O yeah and don't bother placing a guard on that HUGE open hallway over there. I'm sure no skitters... err terrorists will come out of it.


HA! On a show about aliens invading the earth, the best the writers can do is to create yet more aliens coming to earth? These aliens mastered galactic travel, wiped out earth's armies, yet they can't kill a few of the most idiotic humans ever to walk the earth, or defend their most powerful and important weapons? And these new aliens plan was what? Lets go to earth and hope some idiot humans who are thousands of years behind us technologically can destroy the weapons that will blast us from the sky when/if we land. Fantastic plan. And you want those aliens as allies? You can have them. I'd have left the 2nd Mass long ago. In any real scenario these people would all be food.


"If you don't like the show don't watch!"
If you don't like negative comments don't read! Dai wasn't a character. Any person on a show that says less than 20 lines of dialog over an entire season, and those lines are: "let's go!" "ready to kick some skitter butt!" "Yeah!" isn't developed any more than a roll of film found under the sofa. His death inspired about as much sadness in me as if one of the pepperoni's on my slice of pizza fell to the floor. Less actually. Overlords can toss skitters across a room like kittens - and skitters can toss humans across a room like kittens - yet people believe a human (Tom - who is a complete pussy) could beat an overlord to death with a stick with 4 hits. That's like saying a two year old could beat an adult to death with a plastic bat. How did people become so idiotic?


turning the tide against the original aliens and that the 2nd Mass and other groups of rebels will be able to start wresting the planet back from the invading forces.
I think Noah Wylie and Moon Bloodgood are excellent actors, and I really look forward to the next season of this show.


Wow, I agree with the commenter who said that there are way too many negative comments here...if you hate the show, for heavens sake don't waste your time watching it!
Though it has taken me awhile to warm up to this show, mainly because I don't like shows that are depressing and dark and have little or no hope for humanity, Falling Skies has become an excellent show that highlights the best and worse of humanity while giving us nuanced stories and characters we can believe in. I loved that Annie's pregnancy was found out and that Tom was glad that they're having a child together. His sons are, for the most part, good young men, and I think he's an awesome dad. Though giving birth on the move is likely to be dangerous, I think that if anyone can manage it, it would be Annie.Babies are signs of hope and renewal, and the 2nd Mass can use all the hope it can get. I think the new aliens will be allies against the fishheads and others, and I hope that the 2nd Mass will be able to start turning the tide on this war for our planet. I look forward to next season!


The new alien practically had puppy-dog eyes. I'm not going to rely on that to tell me if it's friend or foe, though LOL Hal has something alien in him, now. That creature went into his ear. I couldn't watch--I couldn't watch when that happened in Wrath of Khan, either. Ewwwww. Moon's hair being in that dirty sink when she was puking almost made ME puke :( UGH. Terry O'Quinn--why was he there, again? I don't seem to be able to figure out why they bothered. We'll be back to watch next year--I'm glad they are hitting the road again and that Ben is back. Mason was right--Charleston isn't a good fit for the 2nd Mass!


The dialog is still horrible and the decisions the people make are idiotic. Also whats up with this 10 episode crap? If they don't even see it as worth at least 13 episodes then just cancel it.


Hmmm.....I didn't even realize it was the season finale! So, no, it was less cliffhanger than most of the regular shows. I do love the series, though, so I will leave it on the DVR to record next year.

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