FrenEmmy Awards: Supporting Actress in a Drama

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Let's get dramatic one more time, TV Fanatics.

In response to the yearly snubs of Emmy voters, we've created The FrenEmmys, our nod to the shows and stars that have somehow never received any love from that other ceremony.

So far, we've asked viewers to vote on Best Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama, Lead Actress in a Drama and Supporting Actor in a Drama.

Abby in Costume
Pam on Season 5
Tara Knowles Photograph
Ava Kidnapped
Daenerys Targaryen Pic

Now, we wrap up the Drama categories with a list of six talented beauties, none of whom has ever been recognized by the Emmy Awards. It's a shame we're aiming to rectify.

Vote now for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama:

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Has JUSTIFIED been renewed for a 4th season, early 2013? What about LONGMIRE for next summer 2013?


pauley perette


Where's Lana Parrilla?


Honourable mention for Candice Accola.


once again too many to choose from. i am torn in a 3 way tie. but i think i have to go with Kristin Bauer, she just deliver an amazing performance and somehow gets all the amazing one liners without making her character seem like a one liner factory.


Morenna Baccarin
I haven't heard of any of the rest. Seriously no Lana Parilla of OUAT?


This is the toughest one so far. For me, it's between Kristin Bauer (Pam), Emilia Clarke (Dany), and Maggie Siff (Tara). Pam has been awesome since day one and has never hit a low point unlike the other characters on her show. She has without a doubt been the highlight (best part) of this season for me and continues to bring it. Dany was fantastic in season one, but didn't do too much this season. However, her performance on the finale was excellent, and redeemed herself to greatness on just that one episode. I've had a love/hate thing with Tara; didn't care for her on S1/S3, but was great on S2/S4. Her evolution on season 4 was her best stuff yet, and she's going to be a hell of a presence in the years to come. I'm going with Bauer, just because I feel Siff and Clarke have a chance someday, while Bauer will never get the recognition she deserves, and she deserves more sreentime dammit! Sorry for the lenghty post.


Maggie Siff-- Has done an Amzing Job in SOA as Tara.


Rectify this shame no nomination for Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf she is perfection as dramatic queen of the upper east side and deserves recognition

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