Game of Thrones Casts Mance Rayder!

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HBO has announced some major Game of Thrones Season 3 casting news:

Ciarán Hinds - who is currently serving as the President on USA's Political Animals - has landed the major role of Mance Rayder.

Ciarán Hinds Promo Pic

King Beyond the Wall, the character has been referred to numerous times throughout the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.

We concluded last year with Jon Snow being taken to meet Rayder and with confirmation that he had successfully united various claims behind the mission of attacking The Wall.

Entertainment Weekly first reported this significant GoT scoop.

What do you think of the casting?

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Excellent choice, very close to how I pictured him in my mind as I read the books. For the most part the show has been cast and carried out quite well. Not at all disappointing like some other book to movie or book to series adaptations have been for me.


It will be interesting to see his appearance. He seems so straight laced and cut. Even so as his role in Rome was. The Terrain will hopefully have some bearing on this subject.


Good cast, as per usual with Game of Thrones! I think all the roles were cast very well! The character i'm most exicted for Season 3 is The Bastard of Bolton aka Ramsay Snow..Ramsay Bolton. As a reader of the books I can't wait to see how they portray Mr. Snow/Bolton on film!! I'm not going to spoil anything for those who haven't read the books. The Bastard has been mentioned in Season 2 a few times by his father Roose Bolton ( he is the bald guy who talks to Robb Stark about his bastard & advises Robb in war ). Anyway, The Bastard has Theon Greyjoy & his men surrounded in Winterfell ( Remember the horn player? ) Theon & The Bastard should have some interesting moments on film to say the least!!!! Can't wait til' March!!! But, at least The Hobbit will be out in December


Wow that's brill. He's awesome. Can't wait.


Absolutely solid. Now the wait for season 3... not so nice.


He's a fantastic actor, and even though certain other sites neglected to mention the role that most in the US know him for (Julius Caesar in HBO's ROME), it's knowing him from that role that tells you why he will be terrific as Mance.


I also cannot wait. He looks to be real good.


Epic... I'm so glad they went out and found a quality actor to play the role instead of stunt casting one of Hollywood's favs.

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