Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Who Breaks Up?

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Ryan Murphy just recently joined Twitter and, be warned, he's already taken to the social network to reveal a number of Glee Season 4 spoilers.

Consider yourself warned, TV Fanatics, and then check out the photos the series creator posted to his account below, along with a number of intriguing teases and tidbits...

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele
  • With Mercedes graduating, "SAM will have a new girlfriend this year," Murphy writes. "Guess who it is!" 
  • Murphy is "really excited" about an episode titled "The Break-Up." But on which couple will this episode focus?
  • Kurt will work alongside Sarah Jessica Parker's character in New York City… at Vogue!
  • The first group number of the season will be Adele's "Chasing Pavements."
  • Sectionals will take place during Thanksgiving this year and Glee will air a two-part episode in response.

Glee also delivered some casting scoop yesterday: Melissa Benoist and Becca Tobin are coming on board as new high school students.

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The only couple who I actually like is brittany&santana, I'm not a fan of rachel and fin so I don't really care what happens to them I just hope rachel don't be in every episode she is just annoying.


Continued: Committed to each other than you work it out. Sam & Mercedes, Mike & Tina, Blaine & Kurt, and Brittany & Santana were real examples of love. I could honestly care less about Finn and Rachel, they were very annoying at times. But whatever, I do not like the idea of Sam having a new girlfriend at all so hopefully Sam and Mercedes will realize they are meant to be together very soon in this season... It had better be soon if glee wants to do something right that is.


I am very disappointing and upset with the writers of glee for breaking up Sam and Mercedes. They were the reason I even started watching glee, it was the Michael episode with them singing human nature that made me fall in love with the show. I watched all the other episodes and seasons before to get myself up to date and I have to agree with @Vanessa and @anyv. They did treat Mercedes wrong, and still did not give her all the credit that she deserved. And yet you go and take away the one person who actually believed in her? Who fought to win her back, who loved her, made her happy and more confident than that sad excuse for a boyfriend Shane ever did?! Sam loved her, and she loved him, she made him feel even more comfortable in himself, she never judged him. They both fully supported each other as well, in fact she wouldn't be going to L.A. if it wasn't for Sam in the first place. Why ruin that kind of love? Yes long distance is hard, but if you both truly love each other and are committed than you work it out. I do not like the idea of Sam getting a new girlfriend, I'm sorry but that's just my opinion. Thank you glee for ruining a good relationship. Sam & Mercedes, Mike & Tina, Blaine & Kurt and Brittany & Santana were real examples of love. I could honestly care less about Finn and Rachel, their relationship was very annoying at times. But whatever, hopefully Sam and Mercedes both realize they're meant to be together soon in this season... It had better be soon, if you want to do something right that is.


i can tell you one thing if they brake up Klaine im going to be pissed off


It seems the shows couples will be apart because of graduation. Finchel is already apart. So Murphy said that Britanna would see troubles. Chris Colfer and Darren Criss want angst for Klaine, Tina and Mike being apart with Mike showing up occassionally, Mercedes will be in LA with Sam still in HS. Just a shake up of all of them, except for Will and Emma. A new start and new formula for Glee.


I am not fan of any couple on glee but I am shocked when i heard that they are breaking up Sam and Mercedes because it just seemed that it was a waste of time to have Sam fight to get her back; It seems like the writers were implying that everything that Sam did was out of pity and meant nothing because he wanted to make Mercedes senior year special because she lacked the one thing that curvy girls want the hot guy for a boyfriend; and to reward him for his selflessness they are going to give him a new girlfriend so that they can show him expressing this feelings but for real with this new girlfriend. Which I hope is not true because that is just wrong to do to people that are fan of the Mercedes and Sam pairing or any of the other pairings that may be broken up during this up and coming season because in season 3 a lot of couples expressed a lot of feelings that should not be taken as nothing special


@Vanessa I agree.


I think it might be Brittana actually who breaks up. Ryan Murphy did say that there is trouble ahead for them..


Sorry guys, anyone who thinks Glee is going to be canceled needs to check out the RATINGS. Glee is one of the best rated networks on the network, even if the ratings have dipped. Honestly, as a former Gleek, I wish it would go away so I don't have feel obligated to watch it. The problem is, quality of a tv show means nothing if it has good ratings.


Well I knew they where going to do this but of all the couples I thought there love was the realist of the show but I just hope they give alittle bit of what happened since they really didn't give any hope or clues on there realtionship but I just hope it's someone nerdy or black again not Quinn cant stand her ugh my heart is breaking dude :(

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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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