Gossip Girl Caption Contest 218

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Welcome to the 218th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. Yes, 218... what a run! If you're new, this is where our readers submit their best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Let's do it!

Your Caption Contest winner, featuring Ed Westwick en route to the NYC set of Gossip Girl Season 6, is Tweeter. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below the picture.

Honorable mentions go to AmaranthKitti and Obvious. Thanks to all for playing!

Chuck Bass Onesie Pic

I represent New York
I got it on my back
And they can say that we lost it
So I’mma bring it back

I’m hot coz I’m fly
You ain’t coz you’re not
This is why
This is why
This is why I’m hot

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They see me onesie'n, They hatin'


this weeks worst dressed goes to .... Ed eastwick ... onsie and flipflops do not go !


"When I walk down the street (yeah), this is what I see (ok) Everybody stops and they staring at me I got hair on my chest and I ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it, show it I'm Chuck Bass but you'd never know it" (Obviously he has been listening to Sexy and I Know it)


She didn't like the onesie!.......Who doesn't like a onesie?...


I just want to congratulate greekfan for winning last week because that was the best caption ever, specially considering this week's photo.


ed: i knew these liquirise headphones would be a good idea !


ed: When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn he fly
I pimp to the beat, walking on the street in my new lafreak, yeah
This is how I roll


♪Hop up out the bed, turn my swag on♪


The poster for "Ed-phones", the new earphones designed by Ed Westwick. They're "Ed"-ible, too.


Clear path, the world most disgusting dressed man are walking through here!
Clearly a one piece of s*** is walking here...........
Author note: Damn I'm good

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