Gossip Girl Season 1: Share Your Favorite Moments!

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Gossip Girl Season One. The year that started it all.

In honor of the repeats airing for the first time on the Style network, and the final season airing this fall on the CW, we're taking a look back at the show that's given us so many memories over the years.

Most of them good!

Look at Victrola

Gossip Girl Season 1 tells the story of Serena's return to the UES following her mysterious disappearance to boarding school in Connecticut, an event the Season 5 finale paid homage to this past May.

It also introduced the soon-to-be-epic courtship of Chuck and Blair, along with scandals, hookups and backstabbing truly worthy of "OMFG" posters, yet plenty of tender moments to balance it out.

Dan and Serena found romance between worlds. Rufus and Lily grew close, forever bonded by a shared past. Little J struggled to fit in. Queen B and her headlines ran the show - and her minions ragged.

First Date
All Over Each Other

Gossip Girl was designated by New York Magazine as the "Best. Show. Ever." It wasn't a stretch. Edgy yet fun, and cutting-edge with its incorporation of new media, it became a phenomenon.

The humor, drama and sexual tension of this first season made it the ultimate guilty pleasure, no matter which couple you were rooting for or against. We can all agree on that much, right?

What's your best memory of Gossip Girl Season 1? Share it with us below as we look back at the series we love and gear up for its swan song (see TVF's Gossip Girl spoilers for all the latest) October 8!

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There are a lot.. but


And oh yes, DERENA! God I loved them so much, broke my heart when they split at the end


Hands down every scene with Blair Waldorf scheming her little headband off. She was a Queen back then


A defining moment: "Spotted: Chuck Bass losing something no one knew he had to begin with - his heart."
Eric's moment of pure awesomeness in "All About My Brother" ("Go ahead and do it").
Blair's (sort of) striptease. Maybe, as Gossip Girl said, you can't keep a bad girl down, but who knew Blair could be bad so bravely?
Serena and Blair making up at the end of "Poison Ivy".
Serena and Blair again, in their impromptu photoshoot at the end of "Bad News Blair".
And again, when Serena persuades Blair not to fly off to Europe in "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate".
Blair telling Chuck and Nate "I need your help. We need your help".
Many more.


The Sleepover, the infamous Victor/Victorla, Blair's birthday and The Masked Ball were probably the best episodes of the season! I was sure about the show until I reached those episodes then i was hooked!! The show was witty, smart, fun and sexy to the point where i knew it was a guilty pleasure. I had to show everyone the episodes because they made me feel connected to a world I secretly wanted to be apart of! (I mean come on, Chuck Bass?) When people saw the posters and said the show was too racy for TV, I knew i was going to be hooked to something that was going to be big. Im sad to see Gossip Girl end, and I miss how the show used to be. Season 1 will always be in my heart! Love you Chuck and Blair!!


Left off when Chuck reveals he likes Blair fluttering


Blair losing her virginity to Chuck, her confession to a priest, her takedown of G with lonely boy, and her realization that Chuck Bass is a romantic who know! I'm hoping for an epic Chair centeric final season fingers crossed xoxo


along with everything already mentioned (blair and serena making up in the rain with the letter, the limo, young folks playing etc) id like to add that the WHOLE finale and chuck trying to admit to blair that he likes her at her birthday and torturing her after their night together are amazing moments


cont. 13. The opening scene with music by Phantom Planet where the kids were studying for SAT's
14. Serena telling Blair she killed someone
15. The NJBC getting together to help Serena
16. Lily's and Bart's wedding
17. The entire closing scene of the last episode of s1 to the music by The Kooks!


Oh God, there were so many great moments in s1..so hard to choose,anyway I'll try... 1. Blair's & Serena's first face-off on the steps of the MET in ep 1
2. Sunday Brunch
3. Serena and Blair making up at that place where Serena was reading a book and where Blair read that letter....amazing scene, we really got to see how much they missed each other.
4. The entire cotillion and Serena and Dan's kiss!
5. Serena and Dan's first night together
6. Jenny walking into the elevator after she gave Blair the keys and her turning around....a new bitch was born
7. Blair at Victrola
8. The party at the swimming pool and especially Chuck torturing Blair
9. The scene where the kids got together to "write a paper" at Blair's house
10. Georgina showing up at the school and Serena's face when she saw her
11. Serena and Georgina partying together
12. Serena coming to Chuck for help when she found out Georgina is coming to town
13. The opening scene with music by Phantom Planet where the kids were studying for SAT's
14. Serena telling Blair she killed someone
15. The NJBC getting together to help Serena
16. Lily's and Bart's wedding
17. The entire closing scene of the last episode of s1 to the music by The Kooks!


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