Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: My Bet's On Us ...

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The first trailer for the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl has been released, and while the minute-long montage mostly serves as a retrospective on the series, there are some new snippets at the end.

Ones that will have people buzzing, no doubt.

Someone's getting married, in surprising fashion - Chuck's reaction suggests the guests weren't even informed ahead of time what this get-together was for - but is it really Serena? And will she go through with it?

Share your comments with us below, and Chair fans, try not to shriek too loudly if you're in a public place when you watch their cute exchange at the very end of the first Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer ...

In what we all hope will be a 10-episode farewell for the ages, Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres on October 8 with "Gone Maybe Gone," written by executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

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YES! we need serenate!


now that I have Chair...I want Serenate... :D (she can't marry a random, that's just a slap in the face to loyal viewers)


"Hey, if fresh and new is what you want, how about Serena and Chuck getting together? Doesn't that sound splendid?" It wouldn't be my top choice, but it certainly sounds more interesting than 10 episodes of Chuck and Blair trying to rekindle their dysfunctional relationship for the upteenth time. Too bad "Cherena" sounds like something one might buy from a food vendor in Union Square. Actually, my top choice for "fresh and new" would be Chuck coming out of the closet and dating a really hot guy whose last name isn't Van der Woodsen. I'd also settle for Nate and Serena getting back together, but that's more of a re-fresh.


Couples reuniting is sloppy because they couldn't think of anything else to with them. And at any point did I say that I wanted to see Dan, Serena and Nate in relationships at the end of the series? In actual fact the series could finish without any of these in relationships but at least set up that we can see where their futures are leading. Having Chair together is plenty enough for couples stuff in the last 10 eps. I would like to Serena and Dan mend their friendship but that's it. Why can't we see what they plan to do with their lives? It should be about more than their repetitive love lives.


LISTEN HERE YOU CHAIR HATERS!!!!! Chuck and Blair are the best things that have happened to this show!!! PLEASE WRITERS just do us this one favour and make chair the END GAME. It would be super awesome if serena could pull her thumb out her arse and get with the program!!! We all know she's bound to end up with Dan or Nate and that's awesome cause they can restore her! This season BETTER end awesomely (like with all the legends having lunch or something to show they are all happy together) CHAIR CHAIR CHAIR P.S F**k all u chair haters!!


@Emily: What Chuck says at the end is "My bet's on us". @Zoran: The story about Natasha was wrong. Steven's sister (if she is his sister - she's much younger) is named Sage.


The writers destroyed Dan!
He was my favourite character up until last season. They should have never made him and Blair an item because their friendship was the only thing keeping the show watchable but when they made them a couple it was all ruined.
I've never liked Chair, their relationship is just so horrible that I simply cannot support it. Plus it's been completely sucked dry. They get together, break up, can't get back together because something stands in their way, get back together again, break up, hate each other and get back together. This has been repeated so many times! I hope that Nate has a happy ending NOT with Serena, he's the only character who has grown up on the show and Serena should end up alone but judging from the trailer she will get married to that guy and then end up with Dan at the end of the series.
Blair killed the show last season, her character has become absolutely pathetic and I was wishing for her to be killed off. I hope she doesn't do the same this season.

Wheres waldorf

Couples reuniting is not the rehashing of old story-lines. It's the completion of them. Are you seriously saying that over the next 10 episodes you want everyone to just end up with people that we don't love or know or understand? Couples we haven't watched together or followed their journey for 5 years? So some random guest stars who we realistically aren't going to grow to love over 10 episodes should be with Serena, Blair, Dan, Nate and Chuck at the end of this show? Hey, if fresh and new is what you want, how about Serena and Chuck getting together? Doesn't that sound splendid? What on earth could possibly make someone want to see a new couple emerge in the final 10 episodes of Gossip Girl? I'm truly baffled.

Wheres waldorf

Derena has never been rammed down our throats. In fact, the writers have made it their mission to rip them apart in every way possible. Falling in love with other people, parents getting married, sharing a sibling, Georgina and the two different worlds thing getting between them. I for one would be happy to see Derena figure it out, as long as it's done right.
I'm really excited for Chair too. Honestly, I'm not in the mood for anyone else to come between them. Just put them together, let them get married and have children. When will their "settling" time really come? I feel like we've been waiting for their marriage since the end of Season 3.
Also, no one has any right to complain about Chuck after Season 5. I hope the character growth remains!


People in here are seriously mentally ill or something. This isn't real life, its a tv show. And the characters will end up with who they were originally meant to be with. Chair has been the main couple since season 1. And Serena with....dan...or nate. Hopefully S is just using the new guy to get her mind off of things and she'll go back to either of them.

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