Gossip Girl Season 6 Trailer: My Bet's On Us ...

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The first trailer for the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl has been released, and while the minute-long montage mostly serves as a retrospective on the series, there are some new snippets at the end.

Ones that will have people buzzing, no doubt.

Someone's getting married, in surprising fashion - Chuck's reaction suggests the guests weren't even informed ahead of time what this get-together was for - but is it really Serena? And will she go through with it?

Share your comments with us below, and Chair fans, try not to shriek too loudly if you're in a public place when you watch their cute exchange at the very end of the first Gossip Girl Season 6 trailer ...

In what we all hope will be a 10-episode farewell for the ages, Gossip Girl Season 6 premieres on October 8 with "Gone Maybe Gone," written by executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

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Advertising video is not much revealed to the events related in season 6. But what was seen at the end of the video - it seems that this is still marriage between Serena and Stephen! It is well known that only the bride wears a white dress at a wedding - a wedding dress, and nice to see Serena wearing a dress that looks like a wedding dress! Another thing is interesting, Blair toast with a glass of champagne to Serena and Stephen possible? If it is a wedding between Serena and Stephen, then it makes sense why Dan got, again, a slap from Serena! Probably Dan broke to prevent the wedding between Serena and Stephen, and got slapped by Serena and it was related to what happened at the end of the disastrous season 5! However, it is possible that this season will be good, again returns Poppy. And if Poppy is here, then it is certain that Steven somehow connected with her, and maybe it will look like in the event season 2!


what sucks so much is that they seem to be bringing their A game this season and they arent even going to give us a whole season to prepare for the fact that its the last one i know shows end and im glad that they are atleast giving us an ending but only 10 episodes this suck so much F... i am real glad they didnt just cancel the show i hate when networks do that like LAS VEGAS back in the day was so good never came back and had a cliff hanger ending but if your going to end it why not end the show BIG


The fact that there is so many Chair and Derena flashbacks on this trailer gives me sooo much hope for them two couples to be endgame! I mean Chair endgame is a given, its inevitable, but a Derena endgame is one I've just been hoping for since s1 episode 1! They've been through so much together! Thankfully this trailer looks interesting which makes me hopeful for s6, I can't wait!


Yes CHAIR IS BACK!!!!!!!


CHAIR!!!!!!!! i really can't wait...

Elise of the upper east side

Can't wait for Chair!!! I'm getting so excited! I want lots of Chair, lots of NJBC (Chate, Blerena, Cherena, Nair, Chair of course, and Serenate!) After sticking with this show for 5 years, we better get amazingness in S6! This show has absolutely sucked since Season 3. I hope S6 is as much like S1/2 as possible, but we'll see. I'm reluctant to get my hopes up too. For 3 years, I've gotten my hopes up and then had to see Safran's version of GG which was just abysmal. (especially S5. I can't even with S5.) Now that he's gone, hopefully the show might actually be enjoyable!! This show deserves so, so much more than what it's gotten the past few years. I hope the writers/actors/etc do it justice for its final season. Season 1 and 2 were amazing :'(


I hope they get Dan a great story and Jenny, Eric and Vanessa comeback. We deserve to know what happen to those 3. And Nate I hope he can get a new storyline that will change everything. For Chuch and Blair, FINALLY! As for Serena.... I hope this show will end remembering Serena as a nice girl not a bitch or something like that and she is the lead character not Blair.


No matter what, there is just such chemistry between Leighton and Ed--those moments keep me coming back :)


Too late- was already in a public place and squeed like nobody's business. Chair is back, bitches! :) Anyway, I don't think that Chuck, Blair, Dan, etc, are actually guests, I think they're crashing that wedding. And I bet Serena's not actually getting married, even though they think she is at first. Weren't there casting calls for grooms for a gay wedding? Also super excited to see Serena slap Dan, which is supposed to happen in this episode. He's definitely earned it, lol.


5 years ago you would never feel embarrassed to admit you watch GG....oh I don't want to get my hopes up too high..I know I'll watch, because well,if I continued watching this show over the past 5 years, I have to see how it ends...Hope GG gets a good ending. But please don;t make it all about Chair, this show started out being about 6 different characters, not the Chuck&Blair show, so I want to see a good ending for each one of those!

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