Gossip Girl Set Photo: Derena Rides Into the Sunset?

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Dan and Serena may not be together together ... but they will be sharing scenes again before long.

There's a lot up in the air heading into Gossip Girl Season 6, including the status of Derena - be it as friends or more than friends. Do you want to see them get together again? We know S is getting a new love interest this fall as well, so any romantic rekindling would likely come toward the end of the series, if at all.

Take a look at this recent photo from the set of Gossip Girl and tell us what you think they're up to:

Dan and Serena Ridin'

Did you like seeing Serena go dark at the end of last season?

Should Serena end up with Dan on Gossip Girl?

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Serena n dan should end up together.they are in love n its obvious.dating other people is inevitable n it always bring them together n show them aw they belong together.I tink one thing dat is pullin them apart is d fact that their parents are together so it makes them feel weird.Derena should happen so that d past won't repeat itself,like it dd on lily n rufus.their time is up,they wasted it wen they had d chance,so dan n serena should be given their time.


Also there has been a casting call during 6.06’s filming, for a pool player to stand in for Blake Lively. First the Vespa now Pool Playing?! I'm sorry Serenate/Dair fans, but I think Derena have got the endgame in season 6 (Chair fan here so being genuine), looks like they're going to re-create their first date just like in season 1!


The time of Vespas has come!


I can't believe Serena is even going to be talking to Dan after the way he treated her last season....


@ applea, great you are remember a conversation between Serena and Dan that happened in season 4, and it was their last and 5th break! They then agreed to try to get together once again, and if they succeed great, and if they do not succeed, then this is the end, and they added that for the last attempt they must be ready! I think Serena, in season 5, was ready to try again to be with Dan, but Dan was not ready. Of course, now in season 6 is the last chance that Serena and Dan are together! It was not necessary for Serena to understand that she wants to be with Dan, she knows that even from season 1! However, it was necessary for Dan to understand how he still loves Serena and wants to spend his life with her! That was nice to see in the sex scene (in 5x24), because after such a long time it took one kiss to Serena and Dan have a great sex!


@ Elisa, thanks for the clarification, I did not know that Stephen has a daughter, I thought it only has a younger sister. Maybe they changed and instead the younger sister Stephen only has a daughter? I think Dan is trying to save Serena from the schemes run by Blair, because he thought that Blair wants to take revenge on Serena for what happened at the end of season 5. But I think that was not the goal for Blair. In any case, great scenes Serena and Dan on a Vespa! You're right, and Dan has his double actor, I watched the images and exactly to see a man dressed as the same as Dan.


Awww.. Love this season 1 callback! I do hope Serena and Dan will get another chance this season. They are a core couple and they used to be sooo sweet together. I know that the way season 5 ended things are not gonna be easy for them, but i expect the show to at least leave them in good terms. Like...deciding to give it another shot and see where it goes.

Wheres waldorf

I was just watching 1x05 the other day when Serena thought Dan was going to give her a ride on a Vespa!
YAY at Season 1 Parallels!

Wheres waldorf

Carter and Dan are my favorites. I know that Nate kind of makes perfect sense for Serena but they're almost too blonde and shiny. Serena just never had enough romantic feelings for Nate as he did for her. Their love scenes were not as sexy or romantic as Derena's or Chair's or even Scarters. They actually just felt forced.


I don't know if Derena will happen or not, but I do know that the writers, regardless of how 5x24 ended, have started paving the way for that endgame. 1) Rufus and Lily had to be broken up for Derena to make sense. Technically they could be together even if their parents were, but I mean, come on, that's just weird.
2) Serena and Dan had an intimate run in sometime in either season 3 or 4 where Dan said: "Where does this leave us?" and Serena replied: "We have one last shot at this."...then they never did anything. So we know they still have "one shot" at this.
3) They will end up together...because of course they will. Same goes for Chuck and Blair...and Nate with somebody's mom or grandma or both. Season 5 was a waste if Derena does happen, which it will. Why would Dair ever need to happen? It doesn't add or take away. Unless Dair needed to happen for Serena to realize how much she loved Dan, but even then I think she already knew.

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