Gossip Girl Set Photo: Derena Rides Into the Sunset?

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Dan and Serena may not be together together ... but they will be sharing scenes again before long.

There's a lot up in the air heading into Gossip Girl Season 6, including the status of Derena - be it as friends or more than friends. Do you want to see them get together again? We know S is getting a new love interest this fall as well, so any romantic rekindling would likely come toward the end of the series, if at all.

Take a look at this recent photo from the set of Gossip Girl and tell us what you think they're up to:

Dan and Serena Ridin'

Did you like seeing Serena go dark at the end of last season?

Should Serena end up with Dan on Gossip Girl?

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@Zoran, Steven has both a daughter, called Sage, and a sister, called Natasha. Sage goes to Constance and in 6x05 she will have her cotillon ball, during which she schemes with Blair (and apparently also with Dan & Georgina) probably to break Serena and Steven apart (the callsheets say that they will argue on the phone, and Dan will listen). I have no idea what's Natasha's part in all of this. I mean, they've been shooting already 6 episodes, but we still haven't heard of her being involved in any scene, so I really have no idea.
Mmm... you might be right about Dan saving Serena from Blair's schemes... he always thought of himself as a rescuer, so he's very likely to take part at the schemes, but then he will be tired of them and will argue with Blair... yes, it might make sense!
As far as the other girl is concerned, you're right, she should be Blake's stunt for the Vespa scenes! There is also another actor that will act as Dan.


@ Elisa, another thing I noticed in the photos that was present on the set a change actress for Serena, do you have any idea why she is there? The girl is blonde, dressed in the same as Serena and wears the same necklace! No offense, but Serena is a lot more beautiful than that change actress! I'm thinking that change actress is for Blake for scenes that require a real ride on a Vespa?


We waited six years to finally Dan ride Serena on a Vespa! From the season 1 (2007) at the first official date of Serena and Dan when they left the Palace Hotel, Serena admitted to Dan that she loves to ride on a Vespa! I think that only Dan, of all of the guys who were with Serena, knows that she loves to ride on a Vespa! Dan probably is trying to break up Serena and Stephen, and he should succeed, as Serena and Dan are made for each other! I agree completely with you @ Elisa, but is not Stephen's sister called Natasha, when they changed to Sage? I already wrote that I did not like the new character Steven, and that's probably a scam to steal money from Serena! But perhaps Stephen is just another obstacle on the road to Serena and Dan are together! Elisa I think Dan does not like it, after what happened at the end of season 5, what Blair is doing to Serena and Steven. And it's possible that Dan personally intervened to save the beautiful Serena!


On an unrelated note, anyone else notice those hideous pants she's wearing?


Please let my couple be together in the end!!!! #TeamDerena


Still not over dair. The idea of derena is gross! The story naturally went towards a dair ending after all the crap that Blair and Dan went through with chuck and Serena. Dair was perfect. I am absolutely going to hate this last season.


Oh yes, I'm pretty sure that Derena is here, and it's gonna be endgame! Lots of clues made me think of it, and, as the time is passing by, this feeling gets stronger and stronger.
I don't think, though, that Serena will immediately welcome back Dan with open arms, and she's right. In my opinion Dan is trying to break Serena and the new guy apart, helped by Georgina, but also by Blair and Steven's daughter Sage. That's the reason of all the DB scenes, even the scene at the chocolate shop when the two of them argue. I'm 100% sure that they not argue because Blair is jealous, but because a) she wants to know Dan's intentions towards Serena or b) he didn't respect Blair's scheme.
That being said, it's pretty obvious and natural that Serena won't appreciate Dan's "actions", but eventually (like in the last episode, at Chuck and Blair's wedding) she will forgive him and get back with him.


Now im more happy about the last season. Everyone seems like they will end up with who their original love was. Chuck and Blair...AND Dan and Serena. I hope. The new guy better gtfo. Poor Nate though...I hope he doesn't end up alone like always lmfao.


serena going dark is just a ploy to pull everybody who rightfully hates her right now back in, that's why I'm not into that storyline at all.

Spindae 2o

Serena is so selfdestructive. I hoped they killed her at the end of the season to show that there isn't a happy ending for every story.

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