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Georgina Sparks will be a major factor in Gossip Girl Season 6.

That much was clear as soon as she made a surprise appearance in this May's finale, seemingly forming an alliance with Dan to wreak havoc on the Upper East Side insiders like never before.

What's unclear is how they'll go about doing that, and whether that's her only agenda. Check out these photos from the Manhattan set this week showing Georgina and Nate Archibald:

N and G
N, G Pic

What do you make of these images? What do you think G's endgame is? So much potential, so many unanswered questions. Sound off on all things Gossip Girl Season 6 in the comments below.

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Nate never did a thing to Dan so hopefully he's not targeted.


Juliet Sharp needs a comeback!


Looks like a scheme to me! Woohoo!


I hope Dan and Georgie get together


This has to be apart of one of their plans.


Nate n G wow!i gusse s6 is full of suprises hope it wil work out 4 them.


It's on the set, it's just a chat between Chace C et Michelle T. I guess so ?!


Nate and Georgina? Together? Wow, guess they are trying hard at making s6 decent!


I know one thing, and that is Nate would never kiss G like that. Another reason to watch Georgina.

Spindae 2o

I love G! she is always so evil! She got a bit ruined in the 2.0 story! but I like her !
Hopefully she is evil as never! Love her sarcasm!

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