Gossip Girl Spoilers: Are Chuck and Blair Together?

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Are Chuck and Blair together - or at least heading in that direction - for good?

Of all the questions on the minds of Gossip Girl fans heading into the sixth and final season this October, the fate of core couple Chair probably ranks highest for most. Chuck spurned her in the season finale in May, but B defiantly refused to accept no for answer, declaring herself "all in." So what's their deal as the final chapter approaches?

Well, Chuck and Blair a better place ... but there's good news and bad news.

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Mr. Bass and Ms. Waldorf are not officially dating at the start of Gossip Girl Season 6, according to E! Online. However, the upside is they aren't dating anyone else either. Not even a little bit.

Here's the deal, from what we've gathered: They've reportedly agreed to focus on their individual needs first, so when they do officially get back together, nothing will stand in their way.

So make what you will of that. You could say they're together but apart. It sounds like they are taking things slowly, but have every intention of a romantic reconciliation that will last a lifetime.

What do you think? Letdown? The right move for Chair? Comment below!

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IM over it too.


i think the writers are wasting our time.... chuck and blair should have been together right now married our at least with a baby. i love all the story lines for them BUT the show is ending soon and i really wanted her to be pregnant but it seems that's not gonna happen..... DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!


I think they're going to have something similar to 4x09. I don't think it's the "drama" we've been seeing at the beginning of the season. If it is similar to Chuck and Blair sometimes FWB things all sneaky like in season 1 and 4x09 whilst dealing with their own individual dramas on the outside, that I'll be okay with. We've had so much drama, it's about time we get some old school Chair where it's not just angst. I think just because they aren't officially together doesn't mean it's beginning of s4 and s5. As we can see in the trailer, they're very much sexing each other up and being all in, it's just not their main focus. So I'm good with it.


My Chair love has definitely diminished but, hell, just don't give us Dair again. I know I shouldn't like Chair. On paper it sounds like a relationship (fictional or otherwise) that I would totally hate. And yet to me they work so well together, as actors. Dair is like perfect on paper and they were totally cute in season 4, a pair I usually would love but they ended up being so terrible when they were together.


I mean, yea, good we can see them reunite on-screen but, at the same time, wtf? The we can't be together, we're waiting blah blah has been done to death so they need to get them together quickly. It's only 10 freaking episodes! I'm sure they can write an interesting couple arc for a couple of episodes especially when everything else needs to be wrapped up.


I don't really get why people are complaining that they might not be together from the get go? If that's the case, they would've gotten back together off-screen, and I want to actually watch it happen this time. I'm excited to see the build up, personally. Chuck and Blair are the only reason I'm still watching this show.




I for one am over the CHUCK AND BLAIR love story. I mean why does it always have to be so complicated. I get it, its supposed to be a soap drama type so but why must repeat everything every season. Their romance has lessened. I'm still upset they even start the whole DAIR thing just to have break up. Why even start something to end it 2 months later??? I felt last season was like being on the worst roller coaster ride. They had there ups and downs but they were all predictable with no thrill.


As far as i am concerned i am done with this show.After the way safran treated chair fans last season, with the marriage with a guest star and this dair crap no i just can't; especially because of dan.I can't ship blair with anyone, she disgust me.Come on she had sex with dan humphrey, it's disgusting. And now the writers put chuck and blair back together and we are suppose to be happy about it after everything they've done.Well fuck the gossip girl writers, they don't deserve their fans, they took us for granted.


so basically the beginning of season 6 will be much like season 3-4 on repeat. With Chuck and Blair not being together so they can find themselves. I'm not a Chuck and Blair fan but if I was I would be pissed this is ridiculous and repetitive. Either break up for good or get your shit together and be together for good.

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