Grey's Anatomy Burning Question: How Do Meredith and Derek Respond?

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The list of burning questions is a mile long heading into Grey's Anatomy Season 9.

The latest we address today? How do Meredith and Derek react to Lexie's death?

Mere will deal in a way "that’s a little surprising," according to creator Shonda Rhimes, cryptically as ever. And as for Derek, will he be able to operate again after losing his sister-in-law?

Or will he suffer a crisis of conscience, and/or potential limitations via injury?

That Der Look

Rhimes says he'll face the existential question of “what kind of doctor are you when you can’t do the thing you’re greatest at any more? We’re going to see him head back, but there is that question for him."

How do you think he'll handle it? And who is on the gurney?

Sound off on these issues facing our beloved, embattled surgeons and all things Grey's Anatomy as we count down the days until Thursday, September 27 (32 days) below ...

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Mer and Der can help eachother cope with Lexie's death. And as fir the gurney, there's countless people it could be. It could be for Mark because he has obvious injuries. It could be for Arizona because of her leg. It could be for Mer, Der, or Cristina because they need to get checked out. It could be for the pilot because he's parilyzed. It could be from an old episode. It kind of reminds me of some scences from the Musical Event. They had the slow gurney scences. There's so many options that you just don't know. I just can't wait till it is back on.


I don't getwhy people think that Mer didn't care about Lexie. Meredith 100% cared about Lexie. I know that Mer left her dieing sister, but Lexie was with Mark and Cristina. And if I remember correctly, Cristina told Mer to go look for Derek and that her and Mark would be with Lexie. If you had been in a plane crash and your husband flew out of the back of the plane you would want to go find him so you knew he wasn't dead. And also Meredith wouldn't have been any help if she had stayed by Lexie because she would have been screaming Derek's name and that woolly have been god for Lexie and that would have stressed her out. I think that Meredith is going to be crushed over Lexie's death but she is going to try not to think about it by focusing everything on work. Derek I think is going to have a mental breakdown like he did in season 5 or 6??? When he had that long streak of killing patients and he just quit and stopped working. I can picture him doing that again. I just hope that Mer and Der can help eachother cope with Lexie's death. And I don't remember who said it but the gurney could be for any of the cast mates. Once they get to the hospital they are all going to need to be checked out for damages. It could be for Arizona because she can't walk. It could be for Mark because he's all messed up. It could be for Cristina, Mer, or Derek because they could have maybe brain damage and Derek's hand. It could be for the pilot because he's paralyzed. It could be from an old episode. There is countless ideas. I just can't wait till it's on!


this is off memory so it might not be exact..." i dont what its like to have a father but i do know what its like to have a sister and its good if you die it probably wont change mine but it will change hers." meredith cares about lexie and she wont be able to admit it but she does she'll be christina after the shoioting or herslef in mid season 4 where she cant sleep because she so upset about all the stuff that she's been through. and if you think she won't care my only question for you is umm do you even watch this show?


i think mer will act like she's ok and focus on derek and getting back to normal life at home but when you least expect it have a huge breakdown. like maybe someone will do something that reminds her of lexie and sets her off or maybe zola will keep repeating lexie's name looking for her through the house.


it could also be the pilot...he couldn't feel his legs and had a head injury...they could be throwing us all off and have him be the emergent patient... I can't see them getting rid of mark and arizona at the same time....where would that leave callie....and with all the hype with the lesbien love/marriage/relationship....I hope it was not all for nothing...


I think Meredith may react in a surprising way in the sense of actually grieving with her partner (her husband Derek, not BFF Cristina!). After all, between Cristina and Derek, he´s worse off with his injury and he was closer with Lexie too. Derek will grieve over Lexie like he´s his little sister and I find the idea of a surgeon who lives to cut having to deal with the loss of that ability (temporary) quite interesting. It´s been said it won´t be a repeat of Burke´s reaction but a different one. The gurney. I won´t bet on that being new footage but my guess would be Arizona. Dead or alive, she won´t be in any condition to walk on her own. It could also be Mark. One of the two for sure. Hate the idea that Mark will die but that´s probably a given. Can´t see him abandoning his daughter either.


this seasons' gonna be deep cuz of Derek's doubt.
Super excited


I have to agree with nene. I believe Meredith does/did care deeply for her sister. Their relationship has come a long way from what it was. In a plane crash you are not thinking clearly and her husband was no where to be found. Mark was with her and I believe it was more important for Lexie and Mark to have those final moments together.


I don't see how people think Meredith didn't care about her sister. From what I seen she cared deeply she was torn between her sister and her husband. But, if you watch you'll see Lexie give Meredith the okay to leave. You forget Christina was there and beside Derek she the only one that Meredith trust so she left her sister in her bestfriend care. When Christina knew forsure that Lexie wasn't going to make it she went and got Meredith. Lexie in her die breathe said tell "Meredith that I love her and she is a good sister". Lexie was at peace with everything with her family and with Mark. P.S. The only time Meredith didn't care about Lexie was at begining of season 4.


I think that Meredith will eventually have a melt down but not right now. She has to support her husband whose injury could have put his career in jeopardy. Meredith loved her sister but her husband was missing. She left Lexie to find Derek because Mark and Cristina told her they would take care of her. I would have done the same thing. He is my husband!!!!!!

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