Grey's Anatomy Burning Question: Who's on the Gurney?

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The latest promo for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy didn't offer much in the way of new footage, but it did include one compelling visual - someone being rushed into a hospital on a gurney.

It's not clear who, or whether he or she survives:

Given the catastrophic nature of the plane crash, it's certainly possible (even likely), that more one of the five surviving surgeons requires emergency care by the time rescuers finally arrive.

Regardless of whether or not Mark dies, Eric Dane's departure from the series after the first two episodes this fall makes him seem like the most likely candidate, but there's also Arizona.

Meredith, Cristina and Derek are hurting too, of course, but AZ seemed to be in worse shape. Who survives, and the lingering effects of the crash throughout Grey's Anatomy Season 9, will be fascinating to watch.

Who do you think is on the gurney? Comment below ...

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I LOVE MARK & ARIZONA BUT EVERYBODY KNOWS IT MARK WHO DIES! Grey's new moto is U LEAVE U DIE Everyone who leaves for family is dying. They dont know how to write any other way. When the are (50 ways to say goodbye) without dying. They could've been just as dramatic. Chyler left for family and her character Lexie die( I STILL HAVE ONE LAST HOPE FOR A TWIST OR TV MIRACLE THAT LEXIE NOT DIED BUT THAT WISHFUL
THINKING NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TOO BAD). I LOVE THAT GIRL LEXIE!! and now Eric is leaving for family and his character Mark is going to die. Kim is the only one who didn't leave for family and her character Teddy is still alive. Most fan weren't really fond of Teddy. I LIKED HER THOU!! U leave Grey's for family UR CHARACTER GOING TO DIE EXCEPT IF UR KATHERINE H. IZZIE. SHE GOT TO WALK BECAUSE OF ABC AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IZZIE SHOULD BE DEAD AND NOT GEORGE OR LEXIE. JUST MY OPINION


I wouldn't read into it... This footage has already been used for promoting the premiere of season seven and the part where you can only see the "floors of the empty hospital" was used in a trailer for the final episodes of season two.


Does anyone know what song is used in this promo? Can't figure it out


I say it has to be Mark. Would he really be willing to leave his daughter behind without a father?


I think Mark dies and Arizona is such in a bad shape that i'll be a long recovery, which will be a challenge for Callie.


Love Arizona and Mark but if I have to guess I would say Mark. Just sorta of burned out on Grey's with Lexie and Teddy gone. Ready for season 9 but to be honest. I am so more ready to see Castle new season. But will give Grey's a watch. Didn't really leave alot of question at the end of season 8...all the news leaking out. Sorta of ruined it for me.


Does it really matter? Mark and Lexie and gone....I have never been much of a fan of arizona....or any newcomer besides mark and callie...and at this point I don't care....won't be much to watch anyway...


no quiero que muera arizona, de los demas me da igual ,pero claro esta que ni Meredith, Cristina and Derek mueren ;solo quedan Mark , el Piloto y Arizona ,seria muy malo que Arizona muriera, si Callie se salvo de una peor ,por que no Arizona, Shonda nos tienes especulando muchas cosas y para colmo en Chile se estrena en Octubre. I don't want to die arizona, others it gives me same, but clear that neither Meredith, Cristina and Derek die; only are Mark, the pilot, and Arizona, would be very bad to Arizona to die if Callie except one worse, why not Arizona, Shonda have us speculating a lot and to make matters worse in Chile premiered in October.

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