Grey's Anatomy Rumor: Mer's House For Sale?

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Is someone's home about to be put up for sale this fall on Grey's Anatomy?

Specifically, is Meredith Grey on the verge of moving out and moving on?

That's the rumor set off by a Tweet from William Keck of TV Guide:

GA Tweet

What do you think? Is it Meredith? Or someone else?

Why do you think she (or whomever it might be) is making the move in today's real estate market? Sound off on this and other Grey's Anatomy spoilers you'd like to discuss below!

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I beat the realtor is for Mer's moms house since the dream house is going to be finish. And Mer probably won't want her mothers house because of all the memories with Lexie.


Actually the idea of Arizona in a wheelchair might be possible, do you remember Callie's promise "whatever you can't do, I will" ? I'm sure that if she stays alive, there will be huge difficulties and challenges for these two.


I imagine it would be hard for Mer to continue to live in the same house filled with memories of Lexie and that's when the realtor coming into the picture.


It's a long shot but it could be that Arizona's injury made her use a wheelchair and the apartment being small and all, they need a new house.
Another possible option.


The time slip will make it possible for MerDer to have moved already, someone else will be in their house. We've the new Der dream home set (already built)to see used as their home.
No someone perky could be a comedy moment to annoy someone who's looking for somewhere to live. I think it's Cris, because she will have left Seattle and Owen for pastures new at the beginning of S9


I have seen the sides for episode 3 which the one thIs real estate agent is supposedly showing up in and the side specifically states "apartment" so most likely marks place going on the market maybe alex will be buy it maybe not who knows but I doubt mer's house will be sold to iconic to the show, I'd love to see someone rent it say april, Jackson and some newbies maybe.
Then mer and der can move to mchouse in the woods.


It could be Christina & Owen's home or Marks appartment to be fair, also it could just be a coincidence that this perky relator is just another patient and perhaps you see a bit of a background story like we saw with the couple and the sinkhole ep


It could be anyone's.. I hope it's not Mer's because it does hold onto Lexie memories.. Or maybe they sell it as a symbol of moving on and making new mem


It's a thin argument to say is mer's house, it could be anyone! With mark going (wherever he goes, haven or with izzie to the land of somewhere else), chris and owen on the rocks, karev said they gave him a mortgage on the new job (assuming he is going) it could be anyone's realtor, and if its mer's its logical that she sells her mom's house since the dream house is over. Still waiting for a great spoiler, this one doesn't wake my curiosity.


Well there goes the memories of LEXIE Their just skip-de-do right on through her like she did not matter

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