Grimm Review: The Family Business

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It felt like we just left Grimm’s season one finale, but, thanks to the Olympics, we get to enjoy "Bad Teeth" a month ahead of time.

In honor of that, I’ll be sure to start this review off on the right foot with a terrible pun: tonight  was one of the best episodes of Grimm yet, and it offered more than enough to sink our teeth into.

Grimm Season 2 Premiere Pic

The premiere did a wonderful job of recapping the final, climatic moments of Grimm Season 1, expanding the story by setting everything off on the right foot with the ship docking into Portland. Thankfully, even with all of these new elements that are being thrown in the air, Grimm still begins to resolve or clarify the current problems.

The first being Nick’s parents. There’s been some confusion in the comments over the course of last season whether Nick’s Grimm abilities came into focus as Aunt Marie began to succumb to her cancer and, therefore, only one Grimm can exist. Nick’s Mom put a definite end to that theory. As it turns out, Nick comes from a long line of Grimms:

From his great great grandmother Hilda, to his Grandpa, and finally to his Mom and Aunt Marie. In fact, at one time, Nick's family had three active Grimms.

Along with this new family tree came more information about the seven royal families. Grimms are descendants of the knights who fought in the Fourth Crusade, and the key Nick has is the reason he is continually being targeted: the map he discovered on it. The map is part of seven, and if all seven keys can be mapped out the royal families, whoever comes into contact with the hidden treasure, will have the power to control the world.

That certainly raises the stakes for Nick, and finally adds the clarity we’ve desperately wanted. It was great watching Nick work through the emotions he was having with his mom suddenly reappearing in his life. He's been reeling, grieving for his Mom, and trying to move to a point where he can stop thinking about her death, only to find out she's NOT dead.

However, it doesn't take long before every child wants their mother, and Nick is no different. They're almost back into an ease that they haven't shared in a long time.

Juliette is still a sleeping beauty, but I’m beginning to think that Renard will have a bigger part to play in her waking up than Nick will; especially when Juliette’s memories of him are slowly disappearing.

Finally, Renard is still a mystery, albeit one with a plan:

Renard: Because she ties him here to Portland, to me, and if she dies he could quit the force, he could leave, and I have put too much time and effort into him to allow that to happen. | permalink

Is Renard after what the royal families want? The key and the treasure that controls the world? Right now all it seems like is that he’s trying to prove himself to his family.

Other thoughts:

  • Yeah, nice try Kimura, but Nick totally had you beat. His Mom just sucker punched you.
  • Hank has trouble sleeping, so he just watches the door surrounded by guns. I can’t say I care.
  • Team Nick is working overtime to save Juliette and impress Mom. I loved how they all stood up for one another when Mama tried to kill Monroe.


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I like Hank, except for his girly earrings. Please, I gaga every time I see a man in earrings. Why not get him a dress?


I think this episode was fantastic; they've finally given us a good chunk of mythology to wrap our heads around. We know more about the Grimms' history & purpose, the royal families finally make sense. I like that the show is working towards something more than procedural. I think Nick's emotions towards his mom's return was really well done, I was impressed with Giuntoli. I like his understated ways. I love that they kept the mystery surrounding Renard; he's so intriguing that way. Team Nick vs Nick's Mom was awesome. Monroe: "Family reunions...we lost two cousins!" Oh man, when Hank showed up on screen, I had completely forgotten about him. I didn't miss him AT ALL. I missed network-friendly-Masuka (what's his name again?) way more. Not feeling the new title sequence, really. It's pretty, but I don't think the narration does justice the show and its complexities.


As a German I have to say, I can memorize the Wesen names pretty good. But seriously, the names are so weird, if you actually speak German, especially the pronounciation.
For example, "Blutbaden" comes from the german word "Blutbad", it means bloodbath. Or the "Bauerschwein" consists of the words "Bauer", which means farmer, and "Schwein", which means pig.
For me, it's like farmer pig. LOL.


I am glad to see that the second season of Grimm is off to a gory start, and that we have Nick's Momma-Grimm to contend with, as she seems more in the old fashioned mode of Grimms who just killed Wessen and asked questions later. That said, I am also somewhat surprised with how quickly Nick accepted her and trusted her word. He doesn't know if she has a second agenda or not, whether or not she can be trusted not to kill or compromise his friends who are wessen, like Monroe and his girlfriend (who are, BTW, my favorite characters,and I am also fond of the gerbil or hamster-people, or whatever they were, the ones that kept bringing him baked goods and presents).I think Hank is going to be killed off and Nick will get a new partner, with his fiance being his off-hours partner in dealing with Grimm stuff.


Great episode. The new intro is good but doesn't need to be that long.


@daveyfreeman - Agree completely about the title sequence. I prefer last season's simpler, more sinister version. The voiceover describing the premise of the show seems dated, too. Another positive about "Bad Teeth" - watching Sasha Roiz (Capt. Renard) speak French. LOVE THAT! Wasn't certain about the name of this week's wesen until I realized it was indeed bad teeth, in French (mauvais dentes). LOL! German I have no clue about so I never remember the names of the wesen except for Monroe. But, if you're starting to use plus de francais, tres bien!


In the end I really enjoyed this episode, great season premiere. I hope they keep it now as a serial and not so much procedural elements.
But I have to say, it strikes me as a bit strange how fast Nick and his mom are reunited and how easily Nick trusts her.
Also I think they kind of overdid it with the new title sequence, I liked the short but simple title card from season 1


Love the casting of MEMastrantonio as Nick's mother! Not only is there a resemblance in their dark eyes & hair. But, she has a great physicality and serious butt-kicking credentials as Marian in ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, which IIRC set that character during the Crusades. Don't know if the creators intended any sort of tie-in by her casting. But, it's a nice Easter egg to those of us who remember her beating Kevin Costner up onscreen!


Think the second season premiere did a decent job of reintroducing the main conflict and integrating Mama Grimm into the proceedings. You can already see the writers writing her out, though - she pretty much took over everything and kicked everyone else but Nick to the curb for the better part of the ep. More Monroe, more Rosalee. Hank....guess they're back to not knowing what to do with him? Our take:


I keep flip flopping on the whole status of Renard as a bad guy or not, what I think we know is that he is a son of one of the royal families but he either has been cast out (I don't think so because other vessen seem to listen when he pulls out the don't you know who I am lines) or he has a totally different philosophy than the remainder of his family. I am guessing his whole family wants to control the vessen population totally and don't even want the interference from the Grimms, but Renard doesn't see it that way and believes he needs a Grimm to really establish his 'kingdom.' He might be the actual leader of that resistance his brother referenced in torturing that guy.

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