Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Spoilers: A Debut and a Death

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With the Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 premiere just over a month away, CBS has released a few key details regarding new fall episodes.

Starting with our first look at Christine Lahti in the key recurring role of Doris McGarrett.

The character will return to face her son after a 20-year absence and, as teased in the official network description and as seen below, Steve will ask Michelle to keep an eye on dear old mom...

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Premiere Pic

Meanwhile, CBS has also come out with the synopsis for the second episode of Season 3. It will air on October 1, it will be titled "Kanalua" and it will reportedly follow a "shocking death."

Read the simple, albeit intriguing, outline now:

After a shocking death, Danny and McGarrett participates in a traditional Hawaiian paddle-out.

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@Zia - I agree. Let's wait ans see what the writers hold for us in season 3. It's promising, I'd say. Mom McG. is a great thing after we were kept in dark about the whole Wo Fat - McG Dad - Schelburn - Joe story. Mom McG. is going to turn H50 up side down, that's for sure.


I agree with Martinelli. Malia was not dead yet in the finale, so they could have her die in the opener and have the ceremony as part of the next episode. I don't see how you can say that season 2 is like season 3 when it hasn't even been shown as yet. How about seeing where they are going, then complain.


@Greta - If I'm not mistaken, Malia has been taken to the hospital. My guess is that episode one is going to show us Malia fighting for her life and she's going to die in episode 2.


jschoi not jchoi, I don't think IPads like Asian names cause they keep changing mine for me.


I don't know but isn't a Hawaiian paddle out something they do for surfers, as far as I know Malia isn't a surfer. Maybe someone from Hawaii or familiar with Hawaiian tradition could enlighten me.


Look like s3 is a repeat of s2 but different characters and Chin get his own centric just like Kono did in s2.


I know that everyone thinks that Malia is the one who is going to die, but I doubt it.
First of all it's written right there that the "shocking death" will happen in second ep. So if it was Malia shouldn't we figure that one out in the first ep? and even if she did died in the second one it would not be that shocking. I mean EVERYONE expects exactly that.


I've read other accounts that Catherine and Danny are not all that trusting of Mama McG. It will be interesting to see how she explains a 20 year absence. Whatever it is, its a great storyline. I think its looking more and more like Malia is the one who dies. I was kind of hoping that maybe she would not, but I guess there won't be any miracles for Malia. This does give DDK some great chances to show off his acting talents. Which I'm very happy about. This season is looking great.


I think you mean steve asks catherine to keep an eye on dear old mum.. Michelle Borth is the actress who plays catherine.