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HBO at the TCAs: No End in Sight for True Blood, Game of Thrones

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Good news, True Blood and Game of Thrones fans: there's no real end in sight for either of these HBO hits.

During today's network panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, executives Richard Plepler and Michael Lombardo took to the stage and addressed a number of topics, starting with the future for those in Bon Temps and Westeros...

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  • Game of Thrones Season 2 Poster

Alan Ball may be exiting after the True Blood Season 5 finale, but “the show’s obviously doing well,” Lombardo said. “As long as it continues to be performing with the consumer, and more importantly exciting the storytellers, I think we’re there.”

As for Game of Thrones? Ditto, pretty much. Game of Thrones. Said Plepler: “As we’ve said to George R.R. Martin, as long as he keeps writing, we’ll keep producing - and he seems very excited with that proposition."

On other fronts...

  • Creator Doug Ellin is 65 pages into an Entourage movie script, but the bosses have only heard a "generic pitch" and there doesn't sound like imminent movement on the film.
  • Larry David, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton will also star in an upcoming movie directed by Greg Mottola. Its filming will take place prior to any future Curb Your Enthusiasm season.
  • Discussions are underway regarding a fourth season of Treme.
  • Girls and Enlightened will both return in January.

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True Blood sucks now. The books suck even more, so I'm very glad they're off that trail.
As for Game of Thrones, yaayy.


Thats good for Game of Thrones. As for true blood i'm on the fence. While, i think it still has a lot of material to cover, and in a way i feel like the show is just geting started, the storylines they have right now are dragging. Like come on, how many seasons has it been since Lafayette was experiencing this spirit/witch stuff, and still nothing important or major has happened to him. I mean if they go back to following the books then sure keep it going, but theyre starting to drift away from them, and they dont really bring anything to the table. Sorry i dont mean to bash the show for any of the fans, im a fan too, just get frustrated sometimes


Entourage should be a great movie. Loved the show. Please God bring it to big screen soon before I get married ;)


Game of Thrones tv show follows the books. I believe they will split season 3-4 with book 3 since there is so much in it. Keep in mind, GRRM still has to write the final two books, maybe a 8th one if they are successful. And for those wondering about seeing their favorite characters die, I won't say much except, don't get to attached :) This is the rule of the game of thrones, you win or you die lol.


Glad to see Game of Thrones keep on going, but I hope it doesn't reach more than seven or eight seasons, especially if they are going to keep killing off my favorite girlfriend is a True Blood fan, so I feel happy for her if the show keeps going.


I hope treme gets the greenlight for S4!


I'd like to see True Blood run to the end of the books. The writer for the books is just finishing up her last one, so why not push it for another 5 years?