Leverage Review: A Fist Full of Truffles

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Apparently I should have saved the "savory" metaphor I used last week, as it would have fit well with the truffle shuffle con job Nate and the team pulled in "The French Connection Job" this week.

It’s safe to say that Eliot Spencer is the one member of the Leverage squad we know the least about. In fact, the last Eliot centered job I can remember was "The Studio Job" back in Season 3 when he posed as an up and coming country music star.

I’m thrilled that we got to learn where Eliot found his love of food and we got meet Toby, his cooking mentor. Eliot’s comment about Toby being one of the men who helped him realize that he had more to offer than his fighting skills and that Nate was the other was subtle yet powerful. 

Eliot: He's one of the guys that kept me from falling all the way down, and now I'm asking the other guy to understand why I'm gonna help him. | permalink

Christian Kane has done a great job of shaping Eliot into one of my favorite TV characters. Watching him barely break stride in cooking to knockout guys who were there to kidnap him was funny. Letting the last guy taste his garlic sauce before knocking him out? Pure awesomeness.  

We also saw some growth in Parker as she struggled to figure out what her “thing” is. Eliot showed the true measure of his evolution as he coached her on his cooking and how it made him feel something more. I can’t wait to see where Parker goes now that she knows what feeling she is looking for. Clearly it won’t be jazz, given her reaction to Sophie’s prompting. 

Nate Goes After a Restauranteur

The only confusing part of the episode for me was Hardison. First, he doesn’t want to tip a messenger... then he’s obsessed with cooking with a laser... finally he’s walking around randomly eating vegetables and barely participating on the job. 

I get that the cooking with laser was a nod to those extreme cooking shows that do crazy things with lasers, liquid nitrogen, etc. The rest of it is where I was totally lost. Why would he start eating a yellow pepper while bringing back onions? Why was he so against being the supply runner when it was clearly part of the job to give him mobility? 

It was almost as if they wanted to give Hardison a funnier or geekier part but couldn’t figure out how to work it into the episode because you don’t need a computer to cook. Oh well, sometimes you crush it, and sometimes you flop; I’m chalking his part up to the latter.  

What did you think? Do you feel like you know Eliot better now? What do you think Parker’s “thing” should really be? What hobby would fit well with her character and the show? Be sure and check out this week’s Leverage quote offerings to see if your favorite made the list. 


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I like Leverage but I prefer more serialization. I hope we find out more about Nate and Hardison's scheme.


LOVED this episode for SO many reasons! Christian Kane absolutely shined this week, and the writers should be proud of the clever and wonderful dialogue they gave everyone in this episode. And I have to just add my 2 cents here: I don't see all of the fuss over Hardison acting the way he did with the lasers and such. I'm married to a tech-obsessed geek and ALL of his friends are the same way. I can honestly attest to this kind of behavior being the norm. No matter how mature a tech geek may become in all other areas of his life, he will STILL regress back to an obsessed, un-focused, annoying little "kid-in-a-candy-shop" when presented with new tech. As soon as Hardison got his ion gun and then saw the lasers in the culinary school, I instantly knew how he would behave for the rest of the episode, and I'm not bothered by that at all. In fact, he did a couple of things that reminded me of specific situations I've had when my hubby came home with a new "gadget," so those scenes made me laugh even more than usual. I think we need to remember and enjoy every aspect and trait of the characters we are watching on Leverage, not just the ones we currently like.


I agree. They should have factored molecular gastronomy into the plot. Maybe Hardison knocks out a bad guy with captured vapor. They sorta tried that with the blue noodle thing that blew the safe, but that didn't quite work because they didn't show that molecular gastronomy trick to the viewer. You'd have to know about how they use plastic tubing and chemicals to make noodles out of things that normally wouldn't hold together. Clearly, that was probably used for Parker's noodles. But it didn't pay off as well as it could have. Fun episode, other than that quibble.


Oh, I loved every second of this episode. Eliot and Hardison were hilarious. I thought Hardison did a fabulous job. My whole family enjoyed it a lot. I'm so glad they are focusing more on Eliot and yes it did give us some new insight into his complex personality. We never miss this show and always DVR it and watch it over and over.


Loved it.. Love any and all episodes of LEVERAGE.. show is always terrific


I wasn't as in love with this episode as I usually am (and must confess, was rewatching some first season earlier in the day) and totally agree that Hardison's part was so random and out of character for him. I get that they like the big brother to little brother relationship that Eliot and Hardison have and so wanted him there, but you almost wished that he had just been randomly focused on his lasers back home (and heck, would have been an episode where he could have been working on whatever the secret project he and Nate have going on). Randomly...why do we call everyone else by their first names (I presume Parker is actually her first name) but we never call Hardison Alec? I just wish we could have totally focused on Eliot this week just like we have on Parker history episodes.


This show just keeps getting better and better!


It was an awesome show last night! Parker was great & I loved to see Elliot show his passion for cooking. I enjoy getting more insight on the characters' personalities. Love the show "Leverage!"


Agreed - what a great episode! Watching Elliot take out the bad guys one by one without missing a beat in the kitchen was fabulous! LOL funny that Hardison was tasked with being supply runner when he was too cheap to properly tip the bike messengers.


I loved this episode. Even an in an earlier season Nate's ex-wife said that people under estimate you and Nate said "That's the point". It is nice to learn more about his character and to see him investing in Parker to help her. I also love watching Parker evolve. This is really looking to be one of my favorite seasons of Leverage. I hope it is renewed because I love how the team is working together and it is flowing so great. Can't wait to see where they take them.

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