Major Crimes Review: Refreshed and Renewed

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"Medical Causes" contained one of the most gruesome cases I've seen portrayed on television in quite some time. And it was so easy to imagine it happening.

A bunch of happy revelers waiting in line to get into a nightclub were plowed down by an SUV. The crime itself was a bit of a letdown. It was the most cliche of incidents and that was something we weren't often subjected to before Raydor took over Major Crimes.

I forgave the predictability because of the great work done by the actress playing the killer/victim, though. When she broke down, sobbing that someone made her kill four people, she was utterly believable. I don't know how someone could get over that.

The Nightclub Complication

Along the way, we were given a lot more insight into the new dynamics of Major Crimes. Thankfully, Taylor was absent, thereby making it a rather pleasant experience outside the horror of the crime of the week.

Unless you were paying close attention to what was happening as Flynn was gathering money for the bus ticket for Rusty's mother, you might have missed Sanchez's cute, scrunched up laugh to his buddies as Provenza hid his wallet to dig out cash. It was such a little thing, but I loved it. It's all a part of the renewed concentration on the whole team. They get along better and they're more comfortable. I can't decide why Brenda's leaving would bring them all closer, but that's exactly what has happened. 

I've noted before the increased engagement of Tao and Sanchez, and the most exciting part of that has been the surprising increase in Sanchez quotes. On The Closer he was always one of the more serious detectives. Not only does he do the scrunchy faced laugh, but we have about a 75% better chance that when his lips move, a Major Crimes quote will result. To wit: 

Sanchez: Why don't we try to get the suspect's boyfriend, that dumb golfer dude, to admit that she had more than one drink? | permalink

There was a major development as a result of discovering Rusty's mother. Provenza and Flynn found that seeing their nemesis caring so deeply for Rusty melted their own frosty feelings toward her. Flynn was by Rusty's side as he waited for the bus and kindly listened to a young man's desires and dreams about the return of his mother without passing judgment. Provenza realized Sharon might want to be in the role Flynn was portraying and offered a suggestion that would allow her to do that.

It was the first time they, most especially Provenza, saw Sharon as someone other than an enemy who was tossed into their midst to make their lives miserable. The episode closed out with a runaway Rusty running to, of all places, his new home with Sharon.

At first I thought it might take a while to establish the tone of Major Crimes, but it's falling into place nicely. The players are familiar, and yet showing sides we've never seen before making Major Crimes a successful spinoff. 


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Well I gave it one more try. sorry I wasted my time. If you are in a TV series you should be able to act, not read line as if you are going to acting class. The only one able to do that are the old members of the cast. I will not waste any more time waiting for it to improve. Sorry to lose what should have been a good show.


I wasn't sure about this show at first but it has grown on me. I love it. Ms. Mcdonald is no closer but she has her own strengths.I look forward to show each week. Great sequel!


I love the new show with Capt. Raydor. The episodes have been great so far......keep up the good work.She is tough, but much gentler and kinder to the people around her.....unlike Kyra's character who used people....Just as with The Closer, the characters are earning the respect and trust of the works for me!!


I love Mary Macdonald, she has so much energy.Major Crimes is like a good book, I can't wait to see what happens next.Way to go TNT you have a home run with this show.


It was a great episode, I'm really loving this show. I love the relationship between Cap. Rayder and Rusty.


About Mary McDonnell (Captain Raydor) - I think that Mary McDonnell is a terrific actress. Sure, her energy is much different than Kyra Sedgwick's but so are the characters that they portray. Raydor is introspective and cautious while Brenda would typically jump right into the fray. I like them both. I think that people have to give the show a chance. I'm excited about seeing the character development as Raydor transitions from antagonist to being a true member (and leader) of the team.


Hopefully the Rusty character will become more likeable as the story moves along. Comparing Sharon Raydor to Brenda Leigh Johnson is like comparing apples and oranges. Her character is reined in, it's who she is, and it's not necessarily bad.
Regarding the rest of the cast: It's good to see Fritz, since he's so easy on the eyes. Provenza had better grow up and not behave like Rusty, Whining is barely tolerable in a teenager and repulsive in an old codger. Taylor is ignorantly insufferable, so it would be a plus to see him smacked down on a regular basis by Sharon, since she's infinitely more intelligent.
He was promoted to Commander in an effort to shut him up when he tried to sink Brenda Leigh in the first season, not by merit. Other than the show needing an idiot, what purpose does he serve?


I can't stand Mary Macdonald, she sounds like a robot!!!!!


In a word, Raydor is BORING. Just plain boring. I never want to watch her again in any shape or form and I fear that if I continue to watch the cast fall apart (as everybody chips in to make up for her utter lack of personality), I will forget I liked them so much in the Closer. Big mistake. This will fail. It is not salvageable without a strong lead character.


Well I saw first episode and then tried to watch the second. It is not cutting it for me. There are no endearing qualities I can put my arms around. Flynn and Provenza are great but I can not for the life of me care for Raydor in no shape or form. I have cut it from my list, it is to painful to watch

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