Michael Weatherly on NCIS Season 10: We've Got Issues!

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The NCIS team has been through a lot, but this has to be uncharted territory.

When NCIS Season 10 kicks off September 25, the aftermath of this spring's explosion will be addressed head-on, and won't be without serious emotional and psychological consequences.

The second episode this fall will really delve into this - for better or worse.

Tony Pic

“A head-shrinker is coming to assess the mental status of our people,” Michael Weatherly recently told EW. “And I don’t think anyone on this team should ever get looked at too closely by a psychiatrist.”

No official word on who will play the psychiatrist, but Michael says they'll have their hands full.

Between Ducky “who talks to dead bodies,” Abby “who’s strung out on Caf-Pow,” DiNozzo’s “series of issues,” and Ziva’s “almost Shakespearean” daddy issues, he laughs, “we are a motley crew of headcases.”

Weatherly, who just signed on for two more years, promises it will be handled in typical fashion: “[The fallout] is dealt with and investigated in the unique fashion of NCIS - liberal doses of drama and comedy.”

All indications are that Abby will reach out to her brother Kyle (Daniel Luis Rivas) in the wake of the bombing. How do you think it will affect the rest of the team? Share your predictions below ...

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NCIS is the best show on TV as far as I am concerned. Michael Weatherly gets a little irritating, but then he is supposed to. He reminds me of too many men I have known over my long life. I like Mark very much. He makes the show what it is. I hope they never try to replace him...it won't work. His character, Gibbs is what holds the family together. I have to admit that when he occasionally smiles, it makes a person feel good, happy. I have all the DVDs, every season and I liked the roundtable at the end of Season 9. Mark, you have a great smile. You should share it freely. It is good medicine for anyone you bestow it on. Abby is great, glad you toned her down just a bit. She is still great, but more believable. Ziva.. I have to admit I like that character better than I did Kate. That was a hard act to follow, but she has made her place there. NO, I don't think Tony's character should be killed off. He lends a certain rascally quality that any family needs to be interesting. The writers of this show are fantastic. I am in awe of thier ability to write a show of this quality. This is really the only show on TV that I just can't miss and I never get tired of watching the re-runs either. Great work guys! Great Cast....oops I forgot Ducky! Hope he didn't die, He is a fun guy to have around. Jimmy seems to be a keeper too. Director Vance, good character, just don't know about him yet. He is the guy you hope Gibbs gets the best of. He's too political for my taste. I think he has a shady background somewhere there. Maybe he was just a pawn.


My favorite characters are Tony and Ziva. I just love them.


This scene was great not because Franks is dead (he was a great ccharater) but the way they captured the moment, especially with the background song choice.NCIS is great stuff.


Love NCIS family. Will be there for every episode.


i have to disagree with you @lillian peters michael weatherly makes NCIS what it is today one of the top shows ever.


I have always loved JCK. until NCIS and while I still like JLK, I never liked the story line for her


I think its time to shake NCIS up again remember what made NCIS good when they killed the woman off they need to do that again


I"m tired of Denozzo. His character is shallow. He only demeans the other characters which makes him boring. Too bsd they signed him up again. we need someone new.


While the writers are never going to make EVERYONE happy with a love interest for Gibbs, I think the JLC character is the worst written character that they have tried to pair him with...as much as I disliked M Allison Hart, I liked Hart ten times better than JLC's Dr Ryan. The character adds nothing to the show and if anything detracts from the screen time for the core characters. If JLC is added to the cast in any permanent way, I'll be finding another show to watch.


Absolutely love the JLC character. Have been a fan of hers since Trading Places. Think she goes well with Gibbs as they are both control freaks. Love that. Hope to see more of her this season as Gibbs needs to finally move on and her character is a good match. To some, no one would be good enough for Gibbs.