NCIS Casting Three Guest Roles

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With all the series regulars back on board after Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette signed two-year contracts, NCIS is now in the process of casting three guest roles for Season 10:

According to TV Line, we'll soon be introduced to ...

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  • The eccentric Dr. Blackwell, a renowned space geologist who must weigh in on some mysterious material the federal agents bring him.
  • Upper-middle-class Ellie, who blames herself for her father’s death a decade ago and is shocked when new info tells a different story.
  • A 50-ish male to play an aging one-hit wonder from the '70s who blew his earnings in the ’80s and has battled creditors ever since.

Producers are reportedly seeking an actual rocker for that part, which could be a lot of fun. For all the latest on NCIS Season 10, be sure to visit TV Fanatic throughout the summer!

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@Binky David Cassidy would be soooooooo much FUN!! [Patridge Reunion!!]. Or "The Fonz", even. Gee, I kinda miss those shows from the "Good old Days".


So much for bring the Navy ship back into storyline


@deniseheikka- Cote de Pablo signed a 2 yr contract at the end of season 8. she is good through season 10 and will have to re-sign at the end of the season. The space geologist is a new one. I think I'm looking forward to the one-hit wonder story


Hmmmm for the Rocker? Thought of many who might work, but my personal favorites would be David Cassidy Or Alice Cooper.


Wouldn't surprise me if the rocker they get to play the part is Rick Springfield. Seems like he is in his late 50's or early 60's. Not saying it will be him, just that I wouldn't be surprised if it's him.


Having a space geologist come aboard sounds like an intriguing episode. I am looking forward to that. And a 50ish rock star episode sounds like another episode to look forward to.


did zevasignthe2yearcontractdidn'tc hernameonthelist,shemakestheshowherandabbywithoutthemshownogood

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