NCIS Season 10: First Footage!

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"This isn't about bombs or ships anymore. He hurt my family." - Gibbs

The season premiere of NCIS is less than one month away, and we have the first footage from "Extreme Prejudice" here, courtesy of a teaser that aired Thursday on Entertainment Tonight.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect, Harper Dearing. It's clear that this is no ordinary case.

The whole team is back for the new season, but as Abby says, it's time to bring good back. From the looks of this first teaser, it looks like they will - and Dearing gets what's coming to him.

Check out the NCIS Season 10 sneak peek and comment on it below:

UPDATE, 9/11: Read our exclusive NCIS season premiere spoilers!

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I have loved Mark Harmon ever since I first saw him in Flamingo Road. I love NCIS, it feels like a family...Gibbs and his four kids, Tony, Ziva, Tim and Abbey with the others being other family members. It cannot be that any of them died...not after Kate and Jenny..can't take anymore!


I love the whole cast of NCIS, including the Tiva theme. Just because they are going to 'get together' doesn't mean the end of sexual tension on the show. There are several ways this arc could go, and I think it's a great plot device. I love Jamie Lee Curtis, and think that she could have some better writing for her character, as she is a great comic actress, and could bring somelevity to Gibbs's perpetual truculence. Please, tell me that Diane Neal is not coming back!! She ruined Law and Order, and now, if she returns to NCIS, she will be poised to ruin that as well. The character, a mirror image of Gibbs, was interesting for a short time, but I don't think it could sustain itself for more than a couple shows. The team's familiar closeness is much like what I experienced in the A.F. Your crew becomes your family, and your family opens and embraces the crew. It's an amazing feeling, and one that I hope carries on.


I was just wondering what the quote Tony said "I thought the earth moved" is from!!! Everyone says it was such a good quote because it meant more than it because it is a movie quote but I don't know what it is from!!! So can someone tell me, please!!! =)


Omg i might cry


Tony and Ziva.....Been waiting to see how it goes between them. This is the only show worth watching on TV.
Too me, all the characters have the best acting skills. It's really worth waiting for and of course, watching. You have the nerd, serious, funny, goth, excitement and action, all in one. Love it!!!!!


I am so excited. I can't wait.......Love them all, such good characters.


It just never seems right when Gibbs has a "friend". Kinda spoils his character I think.


I'm really hoping that Mcgee is ok, also i do believe Ziva and dinozzo will finally realize they compliment each other, I do wish that Duckie gets better and as far as Dr. Ryan And Gibbs go i hope maybe in the future we will see another wedding and this time it lasts. I love this show and wish the best to all.


I am so glad to hear that Diane Neal is coming back and that Jamie Lee Curtis is gone. I hope something developes between Diane and Mark's characters. I, too, hope the McGee is OK and coming back. He is one of my favorets. Only two weeks to wait. Must buy Season 9. I will always have Gibbs and team on my shelf.


TIM TOOK A FACE BLAST-------------------------

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