NCIS Season 10: First Footage!

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"This isn't about bombs or ships anymore. He hurt my family." - Gibbs

The season premiere of NCIS is less than one month away, and we have the first footage from "Extreme Prejudice" here, courtesy of a teaser that aired Thursday on Entertainment Tonight.

In the aftermath of the bombing, the emotionally and physically distraught team must pick up the pieces and hunt for the elusive suspect, Harper Dearing. It's clear that this is no ordinary case.

The whole team is back for the new season, but as Abby says, it's time to bring good back. From the looks of this first teaser, it looks like they will - and Dearing gets what's coming to him.

Check out the NCIS Season 10 sneak peek and comment on it below:

UPDATE, 9/11: Read our exclusive NCIS season premiere spoilers!

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Love the show. It is amazing and Mark Harmon is a true pro. He makes you feel what he is going through. This season looks to be great! Hope the whole team is back....especially McGee! Gotta love those nerds!!!


I see McGee at the start of the teaser (and the blast). But I don't see him in a clip afterward. Dose that mean we will not have McGee this seawson?


Teaser looks good but where is my McGee! I hope Jamie Lee Curtis will be gone for good and I hope the producers leave the McAbby thing alone. She's too spoiled for him! I would be ok with a Tony/Ziva thing. I just hope they don't bring AJ back. But she's not as bad as Jamie Lee. So....please bring back McGee!


In response to the question regarding the script, I think Ziva said, 'We slipped', and Tony replied, 'Did we? I thought the earth moved.'.


I can't wait till the new season!! I'm in Australia and we still haven't seen the end of season 9!!!! I can't wait till I see the tiva in the elivator!! But where is McGee??


I love your show but I think you are ruining it with the addition of jaime lee curtis. She is a bad actress, she comes across cold and stiff and the dialog does not suit her. We want someone more generous and warm for Gibbs. I have a hard time watching it now.


@ Michael
Seasons 7-9 have had an average of over 19 million viewers and one episode in season 8 had 22.85 million viewers, so your estimate is way off.


Back in season 8 when they were doing the P2P storyline, Tiva fans would bash ej and tony nonstop calling them ugly and saying how they both end to die on the show and real life. When they did how Tony became a NCIS agent they throw a fit that Ziva was not in it or the main focus. The reason why fans of the WHOLE show hate shipper is because it a sign that the show is going off the air because the writers have run out of ideas plus it always bring bad thing to the show look at CSI look what happen to it because Gil and Sara become a item. Other reason we hate when to coworker hook up on cop show is because it’s not believable very rarely does it happen in real life and when it does one of them is always fire or told to leave. Look at the spoiler the one that are about the show get pass over for the one about Tiva and look how everything is now about Tiva and when we do get something about an other character for example Mcgee Tiva fan throw a fit. See shipper have the same altitude that the rich people have its our way or nobody way so love or leave it as long as shipper get what they want they do not care about anything else. Hell to them Tony is nothing more than the T in Tiva.


Every show needs some sexual tension to keep the interest up. I don't want Tony and Ziva to be more than co-workers. When main characters in an ensemble cast start hooking up sexually, the show's content takes a nose dive; it's happened in every show I've liked. Personally, I'm going to miss Dr. Mallard.


FACTS: I've enjoyed NCIS from the first episode. I have not always enjoyed some of the characters along the way. I was sorry to see Kate leave. It took me a while to adjust to Ziva's character. With that said, regardless of how the next season goes, NCIS is a great show with great story lines and interesting characters. Yes, like members of a family, their personalities are diverse. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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