NCIS Season 10 Premiere: First Photo!

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When NCIS returns for its 10th season, the team will have its hands full picking up the pieces, literally and otherwise. The main characters' lives may have been spared, but the impact will be wide-ranging.

How bad will it be? According to myriad psychological issues, the building is in ruins.

This photo from the season premiere, which EW posted earlier, offers our first visual:

Abby NCIS Season Premiere Photo

Executive producer Gary Glasberg says the opener will be an intense, edge-of-your-seat installment: “It literally picks up two hours after the explosion, and it’s an action-packed episode of television."

"I packed a lot in there,” he adds. “It’s an emotional roller coaster, and it’s all about the manhunt for Harper Dearing (Richard Schiff). It gets really personal between Gibbs and Dearing.”

"Extreme Prejudice" airs Tuesday, September 25.

To clear up any confusion, the entire cast will return for NCIS Season 10, with Michael Weatherly, Perrette and Sean Murray agreeing to terms on new two-year contracts earlier this summer.

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Why Duck dies??? Why he???


I like Jamie Lee Curtis but not for NCIS and agree that she does not suit. Otherwise I like eveyone eles and am satisfied that each person will get their own episode but they will not always be hero's. Just dealing with personal things or handing the fall out from the explosion in their own way,Helping out friends and relations has always been a strong part of NCIS. Besides their hero's in every episode.


I agree with everyone above about Jamie Lee Curtis, she does not fit in this show nor with Gibbs in a personal relationship. All else is good.....


Please do not bring back Jamie Lee Curtis.


Seem like the only person who fit these show is Ziva because everytime someone other then her get the spotlight Tiva fan cry


Possibly the best show on TV. Would love to see more of a connection between Tim and Abby. We were teased for a possible relationship for a few episodes. wouldn't hurt for a few more episodes. Seems everyone has a personal love interest or three. Except, Tim Abby and Ducky. Hope Ducky still has a big part this season. Have to agree with most everyone,JCL is a top notch actress. Just doesn't seem to be a part of the puzzle that fits.


I like Jamie Lee Curtis, but she is so not suited for NCIS. Her character is so smart-assy in an irritating sort of way. There is no real chemistry between her and Gibbs. I would much prefer Borin. But they seem to be just friends. And please not Allison Hart. She is so witchy!


I like Jamie Lee Curtis, in Perfect and specially in True Lies. But she is so not suited for NCIS. I agree with one of the fans that she is portrayed as deceptive here. Not nice for someone who will be the partner of Gibbs. Not suited at all. Sorry


Jamie Lee is a great actress, but I do not see the coneection with NCIS


Tony got to go undercover all season in season 4, and not only that, he was actually portrayed as competent. But once Shane Brennan took over as show runner, we never had Tony being portrayed as competent undercover again. Since the writers don't seem allowed to let Tony upstage Gibbs and especially Ziva anymore with any special skills, I doubt that we'll get to see Tony have any seasons like 4, or episodes like Chained again. Tony now gets episodes like Bounce, where the whole story revolves around him, having put the wrong guy in prison. The show seems mostly interested in fanwanking Ziva and Gibbs as the dangerous capable ones, while others get the occasional little one and done episode, which may or may not be flattering to the character.